Q: What is The Arms Deal Update?
A: The Arms Deal Update allows players for the first time to collect, buy, sell and trade decorated weapons that they can equip in-game. The Update will also introduce weapon cases, which can be acquired through timed drops and opened by purchasing or trading for the appropriate key.

This update will also actively support the CS:GO competitive community with the introduction of the eSports Weapon Case. A portion of the proceeds from sales of eSports Case Keys will go towards prize purses at competitive events.

Lastly, as part of the Arms Deal Update, we've added two new stock weapons available to everyone, the M4A1-S and USP-S.

Q: How can I get decorated weapons?
A: Players can currently acquire decorated weapons in a variety of different ways. Firstly, you will receive decorated weapons automatically, via timed weapon drops, just by playing on both official and community servers in any game mode. Secondly, you can acquire weapons by opening dropped weapon cases with a weapon case key. Thirdly, you can trade weapons with other players through Steam’s Trading interface. And lastly, you can purchase them from other players through the Steam Community Market.
Q: How do I earn decorated weapons by playing the game?
A: Weapon drops are awarded for play time over the course of a week. As your play time increases, the drop rate will slow down. The drop rate will reset when the week rolls over.
Q: Can I buy items that will affect gameplay and give me an advantage?
A: No. All of the items are purely cosmetic.
Q: How do I access my inventory?
A: You can explore your inventory and loadout from the Main Menu. Additionally, you can access your inventory and loadout in the Pause Menu whenever you've been killed, are in warm-up, or are spectating a match.
Q: Where can I use my decorated weapons?
A: Everywhere! Decorated weapons will appear in each game mode (when relevant), and are available in both official and community servers.
Q: What can I do with my unused weapons?
A: You can trade weapons with other players. Additionally, all Arms Deal weapons, crates, and keys, are now sellable in the Steam Community Market.
Q: I have some questions about the Marketplace. Can I get some help?
A: The Community Market FAQ has lots of information to help you get started.
Q: Is there a workshop for decorated weapons?
A: Short answer: We’re working on it! It's really important to us that the CS:GO community drives the future of in-game items, so we're working on shipping that feature as soon as possible.
Q: Does this mean CS:GO is free to play now?
A: No. The Arms Deal Update is aimed at rewarding the wide spectrum of players who have already purchased CS:GO -- from players looking for new ways to express themselves in-game, to CS:GO’s competitive community getting well-deserved visibility and bigger rewards for their high level of skill.