Release Notes for 11/20/2017

[ MISC ]
– Updated to latest version of SteamNetworkingSockets library to better support relayed connections.
– Fixed a regression where Aztec and Dust particle systems were failing to load in other maps.
– Updated Skill Group icons.

[ SDK ]
– Removed an unintentional dependency on Dynamic C Runtime in vvis map compiler, which should fix map compilation problems in some recent installations.
– Added de_dust2_zoo map source file for community map makers.

Release Notes for 11/13/2017

– Operation Hydra has come to a close.

– Added Wingman and Flying Scoutsman to the available game modes.
– Wingman changes:
— Added Wingman-exclusive skill groups for better matchmaking in Wingman.
— Added ability to select maps.
— Added Nearby Lobbies for Wingman.
– Moved Arms Race and Demolition into War Games (with Flying Scoutsman).
– All War Games are now maxplayer 12.
– Slight adjustment to head hitboxes on the Leet Krew.

– Updated maps available in Classic Competitive:
— Mirage, Cache, Inferno, Overpass, Cobblestone, Train, Nuke, Dust II, Canals, Office, and Agency.
– Updated maps and map groups available in Classic Casual:
— Dust II
— Defusal Group Delta (Mirage, Austria, Inferno, Shipped, Cache)
— Defusal Group Sigma (Cobblestone, Train, Overpass, Nuke, Canals)
— Hostage Group (Agency, Insertion, Office, Italy, Assault)

– Matchmaking now uses the Trust Factor by default. In the short term, players with Prime status can still choose to match using the old system.

Release Notes for 11/8/2017

[ Dust II ]
– Increased overall luminance 20% for all Kasbah materials and models for visibility.
– Fixed missing textures on some polygons of tarp model.
– Fixed flashbangs not blinding player through chain-link fences.
– Fixed edging around Kasbah alcove window which had shadowing artifacts.
– Adjusted penetration value for wood doors.
– Fixed wallbang values on Mechanique Generale.
– Fixed ambient lighting values at CT spawn entrance.
– Smoothed out clipping on block stack at Mid.
– Fixed some models that were embedded in the ground.
– Fixed dev text on loading screen.
– Fixed cover props at B site that would expose player feet.

[ Audio ]
– Streamlined audio settings so players have a consistent experience. Replaced HRTF and occlusion-specific settings with an option to disable 3D audio effects, to allow compatibility for players who have conflicting audio processing occurring on their audio hardware.
– Added a voice_player_volume console command which can be used to adjust voice volume on a per-player basis.

– removed holiday cheer.

Release Notes for 10/31/2017

– Added holiday cheer.

– Enabled new audio occlusion system for all players.
– Set Audio output to “Stereo headphones (HRTF)” for all players next time they start CS:GO.

[ MISC ]
– Added a game server command sv_load_forced_client_names_file. Running tournament servers with +sv_load_forced_client_names_file namesfile.txt allows loading a key-values file where client names are enforced to be the tournament registered player names.

Example file:
“765611979849XXXX” “Official Player Name”
“765611979800YYYY” “Other Player Name”
… etc.

Release Notes for 10/27/2017

– Adjusted bullet penetration value of wooden doors
– Smoothed out ground displacements for more predictable grenades
– Adjusted shadow ambient color temperature
– Clip improvements to curbs
– Refined stairs at Cat to Short for movement
– Refined Window cutout model on B Bombsite to remove head shaped shadow

[ MISC ]
– Fixed a bug where sounds would sometimes play at incorrect volumes and position.
– Models will no longer be able to render at the exact origin of the world to prevent some rare rendering artifacts.
– Removed DVR warning reminder since DVR can now easily be disabled in Windows settings.
– Fixed a rare incorrect processing in sound occlusion.
– Added UI for streaming Minor Championships for ELEAGUE Boston Major in-game.
– Improved vrad performance in certain cases.