Release Notes for 7/13/2018

– Fixed spectator panels leaving incorrect margins when hud scale was lower than default.
– Adjusted readability of alive and dead player rows in the scoreboard.
– Scoreboard now allows sorting players by ‘money’ column.
– Fixed scoreboard mouse enable message not respecting cl_scoreboard_mouse_enable_binding setting.
– Fixed the final kill of the match missing from the end of match scoreboard.
– Fixed flags for nearby lobbies that were using incorrect file path.

Release Notes for 7/12/2018

(this is an optional client update for

— Added a red glow behind the progress bar and health numbers when health is critical.
— Fixed armor progress bar to no longer flash when you lose health.
— Health over three digits will now scale down to fit appropriately and no longer clip.
— Sharpened the transition times in the weapon selection HUD to reduce delay in displaying player’s equipment.
— Fixed grenades not disappearing from weapon selection immediately after throwing them.
— Improved the dropped bomb and planted bomb rings on the radar.
— Fixed the kill panel string when a player is killed by fire.
— Fixed overhead money on players showing a comma.

– Matchmaking
— Wingman can now be remembered as the last played game mode for the next time a user plays online.
— Fixed the accept match popup to not close if a player hits the escape key.
— Fixed auto team select for players that are not yet on a team.
— Fixed the beginning of match to correctly distinguish between “waiting for players” and “warmup” state in Wingman.
— Fixed rank and skill group data appearing on community servers.
— End of match will now share mouse rather than capture all mouse input, which fixes mouse key bindings when match ends.

– Spectating
— Fixed not being able to toggle the spectator player panel’s visibility by pressing the key bound to “drop” (G by default).
— Fixed a case where kills reported in the spectator panels could be wrong.
— Fixed alignment of player names containing Unicode characters in the spectator screen.

– Fixed text wrapping and some text getting truncated when running in Thai language.
– Fixed an invisible inventory search box sometimes stealing input focus.
– Fixed a frequent game crash in the buy menu.
– Various other stability fixes.

Release Notes for 7/11/2018

– Users on Linux and OSX can now also opt in to Panorama UI by adding “-panorama” to their launch options.
– Adding broadcast stream panel for CS:GO Minors and Majors in the main menu.
– Adding link to Steam Market for items in containers.
– Added ability to use gift packages.
– End of match scoreboard now reveals other players’ skill groups.
– End of match scoreboard now has Wingman skill group models in personal skill group display
– Dead players are more distinct from living ones on the scoreboard.
– Scoreboard now has per-player voice volume control.
– End of match mouse control is delayed to avoid clicking out of window and losing focus.
– Adding ability to enter numerical values for certain settings.
– Updated grenade icon size
– Fixed not showing all grenades owned by a player in their overhead UI during freezetime.
– Fixed friendly decoys showing up on the radar with an odd color and a random number/letter.
– Fixed friendly decoys showing up as enemy ghosts when they detonated.
– Fixed wiggly countdown timer while defusing bomb
– Fixed an issue that caused death notices to attempt to translate player names

– The functional change to the decoy that shipped with the last update will not be reverted: from here on decoys will be radar-visible by the team that threw it and not radar-visible to the enemy team.

[ MISC ]
– Updated Steam and CS:GO account restrictions for users in Netherlands and Belgium:
— Steam Trading and Steam Market features are now re-enabled for Steam accounts in Netherlands.
— Customers in Netherlands and Belgium will be restricted from opening containers.
– Various crash fixes
– Fixed a regression in reliable avatars for tournament game servers.
– Set max value for the zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse slider to 1.5 in the options screen.

Release Notes for 7/6/2018

Users can now opt in to the Panorama UI on Windows and cross-play with their friends by adding -panorama to the CS:GO launch options.

[ HUD ]
– HUD Money panel now has a background like the health and ammo and is also controllable with cl_hud_background_alpha.
– Fixed the HUD chat lines not lining up with each other in certain resolutions/scales.
– Updated the look of crosshair style 0 and 1 to more closely match the scaleform version.
– Panorama crosshair style 0 and 1 now no longer scale when changing resolution.
– Added buttons to the scoreboard to allow users to toggle caster features.
– Custom team logos now work again using png extension and can be placed in the new team image location or the old (flash) location.
– Fixed ADR not filtering out team damage.
– Fixed Overwatch suspect not being highlighted in scoreboard.

-Added download state indicators to match lister tiles
-Enabled watching a demo from a specific round

[ MAPS ]

-Adjusted player collision on bench wall at bombsite B.

-Fixed several bomb-stuck spots.

– Updated the BSP embedded radar map image to the new version.

[ MISC ]
– Increased brightness and adjusted the vignetting on the map loading screen image.

Pre-release Notes for 6/25/2018

The following changes are now available for testing in the Panorama CS:GO Beta Depot for Windows users.

– Repeatedly tapping the bomb resets the defuse UI timer properly.
– While spectating the bomb defuser, switching to another player no longer plays the ‘defuse failed’ fade-out animation for the defuse UI.
– ‘Buy Menu’ and ‘Use’ key bindings and will now go back one level in the buy menu instead of always closing. This matches the old behavior.
– Fixed an issue with upper/lowercase letters in some languages.
– Fixed team select music continuing to play after a disconnect.
– Updated crosshair style 0 and 1 to match the scaleform versions better.
– Updated the gradient background of the health and ammo on the hud a bit.

– Chat:
— Added gradient backgrounds to hud chat panels and reduced drop-shadow for that text.
— The chat history window is now more translucent.

– Scoreboard:
— Added ability to choose scoreboard stat for sorting by clicking on label.
— Fixed issue with resetting of some stats when the match was restarted.
— Fixed round survivor pips panel getting cropped in certain resolutions.