Release Notes for 6/16/2017

– For the upcoming Operation Hydra event, Wingman matchmaking now allows solo queue
– When matchmaking solo in Wingman game mode, matchmaking algorithm will prefer to make a match where both teams have players entering the game via solo matchmaking
– When matchmaking as a party in Wingman game mode, matchmaking algorithm will prefer to make a match where both teams entered the game as a party
– Upcoming Wingman events will feature Inferno and Cobblestone as possible maps

[ MISC ]
– cl_draw_only_deathnotices no longer requires sv_cheats 1.
– Fixed a potential exploit in CS:GO engine reported by One Up Security.

Release Notes for 6/13/2017

[ MISC ]
– Added a public WebAPI ICSGOServers_730/GetGameMapsPlaytime/v1 to allow community map creators to track play statistics of Operation Hydra maps in Casual and Competitive game modes. [details]
– Windows dedicated server executable can now handle large >2GB addresses.
– Replaced cl_teamid_overhead with sv_teamid_overhead, which is now a server convar.
– Added concommand itemtimedata_print_and_reset, which prints all current item time data and resets it.
– Changed item time data server log format to more closely match other server log entries.

– Added ability to select Wargames to match into, accessible from the Custom menu in the Mission panel.
– Added ability to vote into maps while playing Wargames.
– Added “next map” or “random other Wargame” vote to end of match in Wargames.
– Updated Wargames maps.

Release Notes for 6/8/2017

– Added normal mapping to Custom Paint Job, Patina, and Gunsmith paint styles.
– Upgraded CZ75-Auto | Victoria to use normal mapping.

– Fixed incorrect round number in Weapons Expert lobby description.
– Fixed a weapons purchase exploit in Weapons Expert.

[ MISC ]
– Fixed scoreboard rows sometimes displaying local player’s rank on other rows.
– Fixed regressions related to having a gamepad plugged in.
– Fixed a regression in nearby Guardian lobbies mission names.
– Nav mesh location will now correctly update on HUD for spectators or GOTV viewers using the target observed player’s location.
– If bomb icon shows under radar, then spectators and GOTV viewers will correctly display the bomb icon under radar when observing the bomb carrier.
– Added convar sv_record_item_time_data, which adds player weapon usage data to server logs.

Release Notes for 6/6/2017

* Added listing of some gamemodes in CS:GO header in addition to maps.

* Fixed various bugs
* Added Hydra competitive rank display to lobbies & nearby lobby display for Hydra modes.
* Flying Scoutsman: Increase sv_airaccelerate from 477 to 20000
* Stab Stab Zap: Replaced dust2 with shorttrain

[ MAPS ]
* Fixed fade-to-black bug in Deathmatch on cs_insertion
* Updated de_shipped to latest version from mapmakers
* Fixed a regression in lighting for old community maps that interacted badly with new lighting features. Newer maps with lighting problems can be fixed by recompiling them in Hammer.
* Added player clipping above boxes at CT spawn in de_shortdust to prevent visibility in unintended areas

[ MISC ]
* Added more back-end UI work in preparation for Panorama switch. Please report any new UI bugs to
* Fixed tickrate-dependence in spray patterns for fast-firing weapons. Thanks SlothSquadron & friends!
* Fixed incorrect skin tones on some player gloves
* Fixeded a bug where 2v2 scoreboard would show round win icons for the first half on the wrong side after halftime
* Updated Operation Hydra gamemode names used in Rich Presence

Release Notes for 5/30/2017

– Wingman mode now has 5 minute warmup, which shortens to 1 minute after all players connect.

[ MAPS ]
– Insertion: timeout bug fixed.
– Black Gold: various bug fixes.
– Shortdust: fixes for Wingman games.
– St. Marc: fixes for Wingman games.

[ MISC ]
– Added support to filter nearby public lobbies for Guardian and Wingman game modes.
– Added a modal lobbies lister that can be accessed from the mission panel and the Guardian campaign map.
– Fixed a bug that caused the server to not animate Heavy Assault Suit players properly when using knives.