Release Notes for 7/26/2018

– Added a button in scoreboard to view the server’s website. The URL of the server website must be specified in the motd file referenced by the motdfile cvar setting on the game server. Default server installation has the motdfile cvar setting configured as “motd.txt” which contains a default URL.
– Added a button in the pause menu to report the game servers.
– Improved the styling of end of match item drop elements.
– Improved responsiveness of buy menu and loadout.
– Other client stability improvements.

Release Notes for 7/25/2018

– Added in-game UI for invites received from friends and recent players.
– Added number of players alive and total players to the scoreboard.
– Added number of viewers to the scoreboard.
– Fixed a regression in overhead team identification.
– Fixed coaches seeing other team players state.
– Inventory sorting order will now be saved and restored.
– Graffiti menu will no longer show an invalid graffiti icon when it runs out of charges.
– Several stability improvements.

Release Notes for 7/24/2018

– Added support for lobby voice chat in Panorama UI using the same push-to-talk key as in-game.
– Added a confirmation screen for accounts using Perfect World account balance during checkout.
– Spectator scoreboard element now respects vertical safezone HUD scale for TV broadcasts.
– Improved layout of death notices for players with really long profile names.
– Improved layout of buy menu for Asian languages.
– Fixed replays not having player indicator and damage dealt information.
– Improved crosshair style 1 to make it as close as possible to the old one.
– Fixed crosshair target IDs showing up during replays.
– Changed the speaking icon in the mini-scoreboard to animate left to right.
– Fixed a rare issue with new lines being incorrect in game chat history.
– Fixed rescue kit description in hostage modes.
– Fixed a bug in glove loadout materials.
– Multiple stability improvements.
– Fixed a bug where UI based HRTF was transmitting behind the listener instead of in front.
– Removed unwanted sounds from playing during case reveals.
– Better volume scaling of music sliders.
– Added audio device options to audio settings.
– Fixed a bug where purchasing multiple case keys played many purchase sounds simultaneously.
– Added sounds for item drops at end of match.

Release Notes for 7/18/2018

– Further scoreboard readability improvements.
– Added ability to connect to a different community server from pause menu while connected to a community server.
– Fixed prime accounts notification to correctly show number of days before phone number can be used for activation.
– Fixed Panorama UI to correctly show a notice that a new version of the client is available.
– Fixed incorrect display of several values in the settings screens.
– Improved handling of custom keybindings for the development console.
– In-game main menu music will now play correctly when an embedded stream is playing at minimum volume.
– Added a way for Perfect World customers to acquire a Perfect World game license when launching the game in -panorama mode for the first time.
– Added a shortcut button to trade with a friend from the friend’s in-game profile card.
– Removed some development message boxes.
– Fixed startup crashes on Mac and Linux.
– Numerous stability improvements.
– Adjusted overhead arrows to pull the friend border away so it doesn’t influence the inner color as much.
– Fixed a javascript error in the loading screen.
– The loading screen secondary progress bar now displays better and no longer can show < 0 bytes downloaded. - cl_draw_only_deathnotices now properly hides the win panel, center print hints and defuse progress bar. - Fixed some alignments on the loading screen. - Fixed the overview map not showing up immediately on the loading screen when loading a map. PSA: The Panorama version of the game will be enabled for everybody before the end of the month. If you have feedback or want to report a bug in Panorama UI, email CSGOTeamFeedback [at], and include #PanoramaUI in your subject line.

Release Notes for 7/13/2018

– Fixed spectator panels leaving incorrect margins when hud scale was lower than default.
– Adjusted readability of alive and dead player rows in the scoreboard.
– Scoreboard now allows sorting players by ‘money’ column.
– Fixed scoreboard mouse enable message not respecting cl_scoreboard_mouse_enable_binding setting.
– Fixed the final kill of the match missing from the end of match scoreboard.
– Fixed flags for nearby lobbies that were using incorrect file path.