New Missions – A Day at the Office

Six new missions unlock in week 3 of Operation Shattered Web.

No reports will be filed, collated, copied or stapled this week. Six more Shattered Web missions unlock today and the office is definitely getting wrecked.

New Missions – Secret Agent Man

Six new missions unlock in week 2 of Operation Shattered Web.

This week’s collection of missions, Secret Agent Man, unlocks today! Grab your MP5-SD and quietly make your mark on Nuke. Earn more stars in a variety of game modes to advance your Shattered Web Operation Coin and reap the rewards!


Halo Sticker Capsule now available

As a cross-promotion with 343 Industries, today we’re adding the Halo Sticker Capsule, available for purchase in-game.

As an added bonus, any user who purchases and plays The Master Chief Collection for more than 5 hours on Steam will receive an exclusive Master Chief Collection Music Kit in CS:GO. The Master Chief Collection releases on Steam December 3rd.

Operation Shattered Web

Bring your favorite character into battle with all-new equippable agents! Earn rewards featuring the new agents, all-new weapon collections, stickers, graffiti, and more through a new battle pass format. See all of the rewards and more info here!

Agents, Weapons, and More

Operation Shattered Web features CS:GO’s first ‘agents,’ characters that can be equipped on the T or CT side. In addition to their unique look, Master Agents have special voice lines and animations–you’ll get one Master Agent when you earn your final reward.

Along the way, you’ll earn several Operation Shattered Web Weapon Cases, along with weapons from three brand new weapons collections featuring designs from community artists. You’ll also earn all-new graffiti and community-designed stickers!

Missions Accomplished

Each week, you’ll get access to new missions in various CS:GO game modes, including cooperative Guardian missions and an all-new Strike mission. Missions are available to all players, but you’ll need an Operation Pass to redeem your rewards.

You may recall that we recently shipped a few changes to bots in Deathmatch. Those bots will be ready for action in the Guardian and Strike missions, so watch out!

New Maps

We’re also shipping a few new maps today in various game modes. Defy gravity in the new Flying Scoutsman map Lunacy, and get ready to rumble in the community-made Danger Zone map Jungle. Looking for something more competitive? Try Studio, available as a Scrimmage or in the Casual Sigma map group!

Performance is its own Reward

Did you earn the most MVPs? The most enemies flashed? The most… something? Find out with Accolades, special call-outs at the end-of-match screen.

Parting Shot

We’re making adjustments to a few rifles in CS:GO. The SG553’s price has returned to $3000 to bring its price more in line with its value, and the FAMAS and Galil have both gotten $200 price cuts and buffs to their full-auto spraying accuracy.

Keeping Things Transparent

A quick update on our plans for 2020 Majors:

Some of the feedback we’ve received in response to our blog post “Keeping Things Competitive” from teams and tournament organizers is that the business of leagues (specifically, shared ownership of leagues between TOs and teams) does not create new conflicts of interest, because similar arrangements have existed in the past and those conflicts of interest are not significant.

While we can point to clear cases where relationships between teams and TOs have generated distrust in the community, we agree that our near-term priority should be collecting more data and requiring more transparency so that conflicts of interest can be properly evaluated.

Therefore, for 2020, teams and players registering for the Majors will be required to publicly disclose their business relationships with other participants and/or the tournament organizer, so that public conversations can be had about the value that leagues and other entanglements offer versus the risk that they pose. Failure to disclose any business with the TO or other participants will likely result in disqualification.

We do not intend to add any other requirements for participation in (or hosting of) 2020 Major Championships.


Fra i dag kan CS:GO-beholdernøgler, som købes i spillet, ikke længere forlade den pågældende konto. Det vil sige, at de ikke kan sælges på Steam-fællesskabsmarkedet eller byttes. Eksisterende CS:GO-beholdernøgler ændres ikke. Disse nøgler kan stadig sælges på Steam-fællesskabsmarkedet og byttes.

Hvorfor denne ændring? Før i tiden var de fleste byttehandler mellem legitime brugere. Men verdensomspændende svindelnetværk er for nylig begyndt at bruge CS:GO-nøgler til at frigøre kapital. For nuværende antages det, at næsten alle nøglekøb, der ender med at blive handlet eller solgt på markedet, kommer fra svindel. Derfor har vi besluttet, at nykøbte nøgler ikke kan byttes eller sælges.

For de fleste CS:GO-brugere, der køber nøgler til at åbne beholdere, er der ingen ændringer. Man kan stadig købe nøgler til at åbne beholdere i sit inventar. Nøglerne kan bare ikke længere byttes eller handles på Steam-fællesskabsmarkedet.

Desværre vil denne ændring påvirke nogle legitime brugere, men bekæmpelse af svindel er noget, som vi fortsat prioriterer på Steam og i vores produkter.

Hvis du har feedback eller problemer angående denne ændring, så send os en e-mail på CSGOTeamFeedback [at] med emnet “Key Restriction”.