August 10th Update

Ennakkotilaamisen alettua aiemmin kirjoitimme muutoksista, joita tuleva päivitys sisältää. Tämä päivitys on nyt saatavilla, ja se sisältää useita ominaisuuksia sekä muutoksia sitten viime tiistain. Nämä uudet muutokset keskittyvät lähinnä yhteisöön sekä pelaajiin, jotka pelaavat mieluiten suurilla palvelimilla.

Jotta pelaajat löytäisivät uusia yhteisöpalvelimia helpommin lisäsimme päävalikkoon Yhteisön pikapeli -vaihtoehdon, ja yhteisöpalvelimen nettiselaimeen pääsee nyt sekä päävalikosta että pelin keskeytysvalikosta.

Tällä hetkellä viralliset palvelimme tukevat jopa 20 pelaajaa. Pystyäksemme tukemaan suurta pelaajamäärää uusi pistetaulukkomme sekä minipistetaulukko tukevat jopa 24 pelaajaa. Tiimivalintanäytöt ovat myös mukautettu näyttämään jopa 24 pelaajan avatarit sekä nimet.

Lisämuutosten lista löytyy alta. Testatkaa päivitystä, käykää foorumeilla ja kertokaa meille mielipiteenne!


-The max penetration distance has been increased to 7.5 feet.


-Dust 2
o Extended fade distance on mid-barrels to prevent double door snipers from seeing through them. Thanks, VeryGames.


-Crossfade from “near” gunfire to “distant” gunfire is now smooth, fixing the bug wherein distant sounds first got quieter then louder the further they were from the listener
o Added exponential function to the “near” / “distant” crossfade operators.
o “distant” weapon fire mix group has been increased significantly to offset the reduction in decibel levels.
-Added “pow” function to math operator to facilitate non-linear crossfades in operator stacks.
-Added a parameter that discounts “player sound” status when determining the distance of a sound that is currently hardcoded into the operators system (“source 1” legacy).. “force_not_player_sound”
-Changed all of the new sounds spatialization options to use the following denial test if(sv.IsActive() && !sv_cheats.GetBool())
o This prevents players from changing their settings during a non-cheat enabled game but allows them to tweak them during a cheat enabled game.
-Fixed a bug that was always playing the AK47 sounds from the same location
-Famas – lengthened sound to smooth the 3 shot burst
-Small edit to the ak47_shoot, rate at beginning of wave lengthened and pitch slightly lowered in this area as well.
-Scoreboard update
o Now accommodates 24 players.
o Scoreboard no longer hides all other UI elements.
o Fixed Z order for a variety of panels which now allows the chat to draw on top of the scoreboard.
o MVP stars are now broken out in the scoreboard.
o Added ping column.
o Added dollar signs to the scoreboard elements that are represented in dollars.
o Fixed other players showing your local clan tag on their target id name.
o The server name now shows in the scoreboard.
o Showing Elo brackets in scoreboard for casual mode.
o Added Cost per Kill column to the scoreboard.
– Added Community Quick-Play button to PLAY sub menu.
– Made HUD team color adjustments to make them more uniform.
– Created an additional function to set team colors for “additive” drawing because different HUD elements used the same color values, but rendered them differently.
– Fixed the chat panel to more-or-less match the position of the voice/info panel.
– Added the Community Server Browser to the Ingame menu under the title “Browse Community Servers”
– Added a content warning message before displaying Server Browser.
– Chat UI update:
o Made the in-game chat window smaller.
o Fixed the scroll bar on the ingame chat.
o Chat input UI now makes a sound when too many characters have been typed.
o Updated the max number of characters to be1024.
o Allow numpad ENTER key to close the chat window.
-Added keybindings to ‘Autobuy’ and ‘Rebuy Previou’s.
-Shortened binding label “ESCAPE” to “ESC”.
-Added keybinding to buy menu’s ‘CLOSE’.
-Added the ‘Dust Mission’ to the match set up carousel.
-The mini scoreboard now supports up to 24 players.
-The mini scoreboard now uses the server’s num players instead of being hard coded.
-Modified scrollable player/map list in “Call Vote” panel.
-Made scrolling thumbs bigger.
-Modified scrollbar buttons to be more like standard buttons.
-Update to Choose Team screen:
o Screen can now show up to 24 players.
o Added names to the avatars on the team select screen.
-Fixed the radio panel to position correctly under the money panel again, but will never overlap the health panel regardless of screen res or safezone settings.

Bug Fixes

-Removing this convar [ CSGO – sv_allow_lobby_connect_only ]  for CSGO build, since we would like lobbies to always be associated with servers for community matchmaking.
-Removed setting of maxplayers before every session.
-Disabled maxplayers command, server now sets min/max/default maxplayers based on server.dll
-The game now forces extra spectator slots to 2.
-Kick a bot that a player is controlling now reverts the player to essentially display as alive. -However, their stats still do not change until they are alive again properly
-Better logging info when a file fails the sv_pure check.
-Added support for the chat to use the same rules for chat visibility as is used for voice audibility.
-Disabled mode-based restrictions on showing Elo rank in scoreboard.
-Fix for vote UI having incorrect maps listed if the server runs custom map groups.
-Fixed some HUD elements not getting scaled properly.
-Play With Friends update:
o Hooked up Steam page button.
o Made mouse click get correct IDs for Invite and Join states.
o Made Join states show correctly.
o Removed team play option.
o Fixed the toggle for Private / Public option.
o Fix for the Kick player function.
o Kick now shows the correct ‘kicked’ text string.
-Fixed an issue where tracers were coming from the wrong spot when spectating.
-Now return correct number of max human players for server browser and master servers.


-Added a convar:mm_session_search_distance which allows us to bump session search distance to be able to find lobbies on Steam Beta (set to >=1).
-Fixed the search to not use -1 for numSlots, to not use a filter on numSlots and to not use bypasslobby, but rather use game state filter.
-Fixed dedicated server reporting numSlots no greater than 16 even when running PC casual with 20 slots, will still need to do client-side work to not stomp that value.
-Fixed a bug where Korean characters could not be typed in chat.
-Fixed several bugs with session slots:
o When transitioning from PWF lobby to an official dedicated server we increase members limit to 20.
 o Dedicated servers now report numSlots representing max human players
– Session created based on information from direct connect to community server will now preserve number of slots defined by the community server.
-Fixed a memory leak for searches that produce no results from play with friends.  Message information about no results available only shows for community quick play, otherwise a new game is created without notifying user about it.
– Fixed number of slots not getting correctly set when auto creating a new game from an official matchmaking search that didn’t return any results.
-PWF happens only on official or listen servers.  Play with friends now finds a dedicated server for public game correctly. 

Community Support

-Added a callback into server.dll that can send client messages before engine advances sign on state to connected state. This lets server to pass data to client before client starts loading map and precaching models.
 -CSGO will send information about viewmodels and player models, max players and maplist down to clients since clients do not necessarily have info about mapgroup and map played by the server.
-Community quick play search will no longer attempt to create a new lobby if it fails to find an existing lobby to join.