Release Notes for 6/2/2022

[ANTWERP 2022]
– Sticker capsules are now 75% off.

– Added a graffiti on B-site commemorating Nich’s winning clutch. Graffiti « Karambit from Heaven » designed by Danky_xD.
– Fixed spots where molotovs could damage players through walls (Thanks Crawlix).
– Fixed floating models, some unused collisions and missing textures (Thanks Joaokaka1998).
– Moved a model that could be confused for a player model (Thanks Maxim).
– Fixed doors that despawn after being damaged (Thanks Rikuda).

– Added Gyro Enabling modes: ( Always On (Default) | Only when using scope button | and only when Aim Stick Neutral ).
– Added « Suppress Gyro » and « Toggle Gyro » SteamInput Actions. Can be stacked on any button in your controller configuration. « Suppress Gyro » is defaulted to Right Stick Click, stacked with « Reset to Horizon ».
– Added FlickStick option: Switch to conventional stick aiming while scoped.
– Added « Walk Zone » to Movement Stick. When feathering the movement stick, this forces the player into walk mode (i.e. +speed). A good alternative to Left Trigger Full Pull Walk. Set to zero to turn off/maintain pure analog movement.
– Changed Default controller layout.
– Quick Radial Menus now use Gyro as well as sticks. All Quick Radials in the default config chord with Right Stick.
– Added Official Steam Input SteamController configuration.
– Misc Fixes around controls and action sets.