Tuesday’s Beta launch was great. We added more maps, more weapons, and over 7,000 more players. The update came with over 80 changes based on player feedback. If you missed the list, you can find it here.

One of those changes was about recoil.

Recoil is tricky. It isn’t just math. It’s also about feel and one of the defining parts of Counter-Strike. A few weeks back we had pro player Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo by our offices and one of his biggest pieces of feedback he gave us was about recoil.

It was still too hard to control.
Fair enough. We made a minor adjustment to it for the release this past Tuesday.

Reviewing data, reading blogs and forums – it looks like it was too minor.

In today’s update, we have adjusted it again. Nothing is final in the Beta. We will keep making changes and adjustments based on player and pro feedback; so let us know what you think about today’s change.

We also heard your feedback about wanting to be in the beta. We wish you all could be playing but we aren’t ready yet; we need to grow the beta in stages.

For the next stage, this Tuesday, we are sending out over 2,000 additional keys to select Counter-Strike sites around the world. Make sure to look for the contests and giveaways.

We will continue to give out keys through steam, the upcoming survey, and an expanding list of community sites. And no, idling will get you nothing but a higher electric bill.

If you are in the Beta, we are going to mix it up this weekend. We are switching the map to Inferno. It will continue to be competitive mode – so don’t forget to buy some armor!