We just updated the CS:GO Beta today and changed the default map to Train. You can read all of the release notes here.

Besides the map fixes and changing the default map to Train, we are trying two changes in competitive mode: buyable defuse kits and splitting helmets and Kevlar.

We have been listening to your feedback on these subjects and want to experiment and collect data from both setups.

We have created a scenario for testing the change over the next few weeks that will allow us to capture its impact. We will share our findings with you when the experiment is complete.

The best way you can help us test the change is to play. This will generate the data that we need that will help us make smart decisions. Also make sure to give us feedback in the Steam forums and Twitter on your impressions of the changes. We will compare this feedback to the data we collect and then make a decision.

For this weekend, if you are in the Beta – we ask that you play de_Train. If you aren’t in the beta, make sure to fill out the survey (This will launch Steam). Early next week we will expand the Beta again by selecting players across all demographics from those who filled it out.