Today’s update contains bug fixes, new weapons, new maps and a change to quick matching. You can find the complete notes here.

Last week we talked in general on how we handle community feedback. Today’s update is a good example of the end results. Today’s changelist is comprised of work we were doing, bug fixes, feedback from earlier weeks, and some recent feedback. While the community helped with feedback on a great deal of today’s changes, we are going to look at one piece in particular.


Movement is a hard problem, there are many factors that come into play and both CS:1.6 and CS:S movement have very different feels.

The general feedback on CS:GO has been that the movement feels sluggish and constrained. In a private forum we run for pro-player feedback, pR. came in with some suggested values. We tried them and started a back and forth with him and J3Di. During this we nailed down what you have in today’s update. They were able to give details and suggestions on the general feedback.

Are these values final? Maybe? Maybe not? Maybe for now? We don’t know until more players try them and give us their feedback. This is how the process works and we appreciate all those players helping us get these right.

We are trying to get these values right for shipping our default servers. Anyone running their own servers will be able to adjust these numbers as they see fit for their communities. This will be the next stage in the beta where 3rd party server operators can start giving feedback on what they see working with different configurations and that will feedback will work its way back into the beta as well. We aren’t quite ready for that stage yet but we are working on it.