Step 6,238 : Server Browser

Today’s update includes a server browser. This feature is a good example of how different features are dependent on each other. A server browser alone is not much of a feature. It needs 3rd party servers to be useful. So before we could include it, we needed to test third party servers. Once we resolved some issues with the initial rollout, we needed to expand the server beta to more providers. That is what we have done this week.

When you open up your server browser, you will see some 3rd party servers, but not that many. This is just another step. We need to test this feature and the servers with a wider group before we deploy more and more will be coming. This is also good news for another reason, as the server pool grows the player base can grow as well. Today we are sending out even more keys to potential players.

Another interesting change in today’s update is the addition of screen shake. A couple of months ago Whisenhunt posted this video. We watched it and like the forums thought it was a good idea. It just took a little time to work it in while we had to concentrate on other features that had dependencies. So today we are testing that original idea. Let us know what you think.

You can find the complete release notes here.