Go! Go! Go!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launches today.

Today marks an important milestone in the development of CS:GO. With the launch of the game, our work can continue with feedback from the entire Counter-Strike community.  Since CS:GO is still evolving, make sure to give us your thoughts and feedback.

Beta testers helped guide the development of CS:GO, but it might not be obvious how extensively they tested the game.  As the chart below demonstrates, they really put CS:GO through its paces. We’re grateful to all of you who spent countless hours covering every square inch of every map, testing recoil, tweaking movement, and considering the strategic impact of updates to the game.

In addition to testing the core gameplay of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Counter-Strike community has spent the past months independently establishing competitive leagues and additional content for the new game.

The Zombie mod is just one of the popular mods in development for CS:GO, and as we work toward the release of the Map Workshop, map makers will be able to quickly share their ideas with the community.

If you are new to CS:GO, make sure to join one of the many leagues or competitive tournaments popping up, such as Go4CSGO.  If you are starting a league or tournament, let us know so we can spread the word.   The pro-teams are already geared up for both the upcoming ESWC qualifiers and at DreamHack with more to come.

Ready to join in the action? There’s a whole community waiting for you right here.