Update 10/25: Skill Groups, GOTV

It’s here! Today’s update includes some big new features for CS:GO including Skill Groups and the long-awaited GOTV. Special thanks to the folks at ESWC for providing great feedback as we developed GOTV.

Our matchmaking system has been fine tuned over the past weeks as we’ve gotten data from thousands of Classic Competitive matches. Now that matchmaking is running smoothly it’s time to share our data with you. That’s where Skill Groups come in.

When you have won at least 10 competitive matches, we’ll reveal your Skill Group as an icon that you can see on the main menu. You can see your friends’ Skill Group when you join a party in the Play With Friends menu, and you can see other players’ Skill Groups when you reach the end of a match.

Speaking of the end of a match, we’ve made a change to match leaving. If a team loses a player, that team gains a new option: Vote to Concede. If the team does not concede by majority vote, the match continues.

What are you waiting for? Go! Go! Go!