Learning from the Pros

The finals of ESWC are kicking off later tonight- with Paris being 9 hours in the future from Seattle that means the start time for us on the West Coast of the USA is 12:30 am tonight. The choices are sleep now and get up early or just stay up? Which is it going to be?

You can watch the live streams here. You can follow us on Twitter for all the latest news, streams and archives.

Luckily, if you live in Europe you can have your regular wakeup call of 9 am to watch some games at 9:30am Local Paris time… but whatever time you choose to watch – make sure to watch. You can learn a bunch from observing the top players in a serious match.

If you are a little newer to the scene, the video above has some beginner level tips from the pros. Everyone has to start somewhere and the current pros are helping us train their replacements – just don’t forget about us when you are on top.

Past that – the free weekend continues now into the actual weekend, not the hypothetical weekend that started the free weekend on Thursday. Don’t forget the free part of the game ends 1pm PST Sunday. To continue the weekend part of the free weekend, we have put the game on sale for a staggering 33% off! That’s a full 1/3 off the regular price!

While you are playing this weekend, make sure to save up some your best death cams or screenshots. We will use the best one for our blog post this weekend.