Final Day of the DreamHack CS:GO Tournament

Today marks the final day of DreamHack Winter’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament.

Following the wrap up of groups C and D, the top two teams from each group were randomly selected and paired up for the quarter-finals.

Last night, NiP drew Progaming.TD in their quarter-final match and the Copenhagen Wolves drew MouseSports.

Both NiP and MouseSports came out on top, finishing up their matches 2:0 and will be moving forward to face one another in the semi-finals.


The second half of the quarter-finals begin today at 10:00AM (CET) so make sure to tune in to watch the live stream of the matches!

You can find the live streams for all of today’s CS:GO matches HERE.

VeryGames is matched up against Team Dynamic and the Lemondogs will be going head to head with the Absolute Legends in the second half of the quarter-finals.


The winners of these matches will face each other later today in the semi-final bracket at 1:00PM (CET), followed by the Grand Finals!

You can find the full day’s tournament schedule HERE, so make sure you tune in and see which team will be claiming the top prize at DreamHack Winter’s CS:GO Grand Finals!

What are you waiting for?  GO! GO! GO!