Update/CS:GO Pro Tip Series: Fifflaren

In the past month we’ve been traveling around the world to collect feedback from pro CS:GO players, casters, and organizers of major tournaments. Along with the useful feedback players provide in the forums, these conversations have helped drive some of the recent changes we’ve been making in CS:GO.

For example, today’s update includes a reworking of the Decoy Grenade, new rules to monitor team-hurting in competitive matchmaking, and adjustments to GOTV to ensure a complete broadcast.

If you’ve been following the major CS:GO tournaments you’ll definitely recognize the featured player in today’s CS:GO Pro Tip. Here’s Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson from NiP, giving an overview of how his team goes for picks and executes their inner strat on de_nuke. He also demonstrates useful smoke grenade and flashbang locations on the map.

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