Update: Naughty and Nice

In today’s update, we’ve introduced a new commendation and reporting system. Now you can tell other players when they’ve been particularly naughty or nice. Full change notes are here.

To use the system: bring up the scoreboard, use the arrow keys to select a player, and press ENTER.

You can also mute a player’s voice and text by selecting them and clicking ‘Block Communication.’


Have you been playing with someone nice? A  great teacher, a friendly teammate, or a strong leader? Let them know by commending them!

Commendations are anonymous, and you are limited to three every 24 hours. When you have been commended, you’ll see an icon on the main menu that will tell you why (and how many times) you were commended.


Sometimes you’ll find an especially naughty player. In this case, you have two options: mute, and report.

Reports are also anonymous, but they are unlimited – you can report and mute as many players as you’d like. We store all of the reports that are submitted, but players will not be told when they have been reported.


Head into the game and give the new system a try. And if you’re feeling especially nice this season, give the gift of Counter-Strike to a friend during the ongoing Steam Holiday Sale!