Update 2/13 – Workshop and Weapons

Wow, you have been busy!

When we launched the Maps Workshop, we knew that the community would respond with some high quality maps. We couldn’t have anticipated that you’d send us over FIVE HUNDRED maps in just one week!

Thanks to all of the map makers for getting the workshop off to a great start. If you’re interested in hosting these great maps on your server, make sure you check out some of the resources available here.

Today’s update includes a few fixes and adjustments to the way players and servers interact with the Maps Workshop. In addition, today we’re releasing some changes to pistols based on player data we’ve collected over the past weeks. These changes are just a part of the continuing evolution of weapon balance in CS:GO, so we’re eager to see how players adjust.

As always, the best way to learn about weapons is to try them yourself. Jump into a deathmatch server, queue up some competitive matches, and put those pistols through their paces.