SLTV StarSeries VII

A $15,000 event is taking place in Kiev, Ukraine this weekend with four of some of the world’s best teams – Astana Dragons, fnatic, VeryGames and NiP.

Only three of them remain after two days of action, as fnatic were knocked out due to defeats against Astana Dragons and NiP, while the best matches are yet to come.

Here are the results so far and the schedule for the remainder of the tournament:

Thursday, October 10th:

Ukraine Astana Dragons vs. Sweden fnatic 2-1 Match report VOD
France VeryGames vs. Sweden NiP 2-0 Match report VOD

Friday, October 11th:

Sweden NiP vs. Sweden fnatic 2-0 Match report VOD

Saturday, October 12th:

Ukraine Astana Dragons
vs. France VeryGames 10:00 CEST (4:00 EDT)
Sweden NiP
vs. To be decided
21:00 CEST (15:00 EDT)

Sunday, October 13th:

Grand final 15:00 CEST (9:00 EDT)

Can NiP come back and win the event through the lower bracket, or will SLTV StarSeries have a new champion?

If you are interested to find out, every match will be streamed by the official SLTV channel in Russian, as well as NiPTV in English and 99Damage in German, and you will be able to find those streams on the right hand side of this page.