Release Notes for 5/21/2014

– Added a convar mp_backup_restore_load_autopause to control whether the game remains paused after round backup file is loaded.
– Added a dedicated server convar host_rules_show to control whether the server is allowed to reply to connectionless rules requests.
– Improved server lobby slot allocation logic to reduce the chance of getting ‘session is full’ errors when connecting to a game server with available player slots.
– Fixed a slow memory leak in Linux dedicated servers.
– Fixed several rare game server crashes on Linux.

– Added a convar (cl_hideserverip) that when set to 1, will hide most cases of the server and client IP address appearing in the developer console.
– In official competitive matchmaking, servers will no longer show the message of the day.
– Fixed several errors that previously showed up in the console.
– Moved some messages that would previously show up in the console to dev 1 and above.