Release Notes for 8/8/2014

– Updated the Challenger ESL sticker.
– Team MTS Gamegod Wolf updated their sticker.
– Enabled the Virtus.Pro (Holo) | Cologne 2014 sticker to be used for the Cologne Pick’Em Challenge.
– Spectators can now hear the caster via GOTV on official event matches and toggle a variety of options (from the scoreboard) that allows caster to control the local user spectator experience.
– Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use an sv_cheats-protected sound mixer state on non-sv_cheats game servers.
– Fixed upside-down label position on butterfly knife model.
– Fixed the string “X saved Y by killing Z” showing X as Z for spectators.
– When a camera switches between nearby players when spectating, it now interpolates (disable via game options menu).
– The spectator panel no longer goes away when the scoreboard comes up, but the player health sub panel still does.
– The HUD no longer goes away when the bomb explodes for spectators/gotv viewers.
– The scoreboard mouse cursor now comes up automatically when you are an HLTV spectator.
– Added panels to the spectator panel that will show a variety of information about current matches during official events.