Release Notes for 9/10/2014

– Updated a large number of systems necessary for the Linux client.

[ MISC ]
– “kill” command is no longer possible in competitive matchmaking matches ( except during warmup ).
– Fix for CTs not speaking their radio lines when throwing an Incendiary grenade.
– Voice status text now shows the player location for teammates.
– Radio command location text is now colored in chat.
– Planted bomb status now displays for spectators.
– Improved some inventory, inspect and economy audio feedback.

– Operation Breakout is on sale.

– Improved performance when scoreboard is visible.
– Improved performance when spectator panel is visible.
– Improved performance in some cases where avatars and “Display” items are displayed.

[ MAPS ]
– Mist
— Various bug fixes.
– Insertion
— Fixed buyzone bug in competitive mode.
— Updated overview map.