Release Notes for 6/10/2015

– Added an XP reward for accurate Overwatch verdicts. The reward is proportional to the investigator’s Overwatch Score, is delivered after a sufficient number of accurate cases have been resolved, and can be collected by completing matches on official servers.
– Added a message to users when they have reported a user that was banned by VAC or Overwatch.
– Added a message to users when they have lost XP, competitive wins, Profile Rank, and Skill Group due to partying with a cheater.
– Updated the Overwatch F.A.Q.:

– Weapon fire sounds no longer prevented from playing due to the Potentially Audible Set.
– Fixed bug where dormant players could emit bullet impact sounds.
– New ladder footstep sounds.
– Inspecting a weapon from loadout screen now plays cage opening sound.
– Adjusted weapon fire sound falloff to be more noticeable at near range distances.

[ UI ]
– Added Leadership, Teaching, and Friendliness commendations to the scoreboard. The team member with the best score in each category will display the relevant icon.
– CS:GO Profile Ranks now display like Skill Groups in the scoreboard: always for friends and party members, and at the end of the match for everyone else.

[ MISC ]
– Doubled GOTV broadcasting and recording snapshot rate ( to 32 ) on official servers.
– Fixed a bug that allowed players to commend themselves and removed all such commendations.
– Update rates enforced for players can now be configured higher than GOTV master tv_snapshotrate.
– Tickrates for players on official servers are now enforced to match server tickrate.
– Players must now be at least Rank 3 to play Competitive Matchmaking.