Cologne 2015: Linking with Twitch

We’re just days away from the start of ESL One Cologne 2015. Throughout the event, all viewers will have a chance to receive souvenir packages to commemorate the event.

In addition to stickers showcasing the event and teams playing in a match, each souvenir will also feature a golden signature from the MVP of the round where the souvenir dropped.

To be eligible for a souvenir package, all you have to do is watch! You can watch matches in-game, or watch your favorite Twitch stream with a linked account.

If you’re heading to Cologne for the main event, you’ll also have an opportunity to purchase collectible CS:GO pins, each of which comes with a virtual version that you can show off in the scoreboard and your CS:GO profile.

Have a favorite team or player? Show your support by purchasing their ESL One Cologne 2015 team sticker or autograph capsule! For each sticker sale, 50% of the proceeds go directly to the players and organizations. Those stickers also serve as game pieces for the Cologne 2015 Pick’Em Challenge. Don’t forget to make your picks each day as the tournament progresses for your chance at a gold Pick’Em trophy!