Securing your position

Your CS:GO Inventory is about to get a lot more secure.

On December 9th, Steam will be introducing Trade Holds, a new trade feature that will let you ensure that your hard-earned items are protected. If you are unable to protect your account with a Mobile Authenticator, whenever you accept a trade, Steam will hold on to your items for up to three days to give you time to review the transaction.

Everything looking great? If both parties have had the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator for at least a week, you can speed things up! Simply confirm the trade in the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator and the trade will complete immediately.

Something not looking right? You can abort all outstanding trades on hold and prevent new unwanted trades from your account for a week.

So make sure you’ve added the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator to all of your accounts by December 2nd and be ready to take advantage of instant trade confirmations. And as a limited time bonus, from now until December 16th if you have Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator enabled for your account, you will receive at least a 5% discount on your Market purchases!