CS:GO Regional Minor Championships

CS:GO attracts the most highly-skilled professional gamers across the globe, and new competitors are emerging every day.

In January we will hold four Regional Minor Championships, which are opportunities for regions to continue to develop world-class talent. The events will spotlight players who have not recently gained exposure by participating in a CS:GO Major Championship.

Each will feature high-quality production, with the event’s playoffs streamed live in-client to regional viewers. In addition to a $50,000 prize pool, the winning team of each Regional Minor Championship will be invited to participate in the offline qualifier for MLG Columbus 2016.

CIS, hosted by StarLadder
Europe, hosted by PGL
Asia, hosted by ESL
Americas, hosted by MLG

Teams are eligible to participate provided the majority of their players are citizens of a country in their respective region, and none of their players were Legends or Challengers in the previous CS:GO Major Championship.

Join us in January as we showcase rising stars in the CS:GO scene and take our first steps toward the Major Championship in Columbus!