Release Notes for 12/15/2015

– Reverted recent changes to pistols and the AK-47, M4A4, and M4A1-S (see the CS:GO blog for details).

– Other players can now hear the sound of the R8 Revolver primary fire hammer just before it fires.
– Smoke clouds from smoke grenades detonated by burning fire will now correctly cover the ground instead of floating above that area.
– Fire grenades that had been only partially extinguished by smoke will no longer deal damage from the flames under smoke grenade (fix for a bug discovered by jasonRRR)
– Flames from fire grenades that are still spreading will no longer spread into the smoke cloud and will instead spread along the edge of the smoke cloud.
– Fixed up-to-360-degree camera flip in Killer Replay.
– Fixed an instance where an offer showed the incorrect price.