Pre-Release Notes for 10/11/2016

The following changes are in the “” CS:GO Beta depot.

(Thanks to everybody that reported bugs and general feedback!)
– Opened up skybox between alt-mid and A site
– Added back position on side of double-stack box in A site
– Tightened bombsite area on A site to prevent bomb being planted outside of platform
– Fixed barrels in A site not rendering if you were inside Library
– Made it smoother to move on top of the well in CT spawn
– Removed clipping on top of half-walls similar to wall near Quad, affects T spawn and CT entrance to B site
– Added collision to fix a boost inside B site to look into Banana (Thanks adreN!)
– Added collision to fix a boost from alt-mid balcony looking into Banana (Thanks Anomaly!)
– Matched buyzone in T spawn with radar graphic
– Moved gutter on yellow house in B site, to clean up angle between coffins and entrance
– Smoothed out movement on/near the rock wall in CT spawn
– Fixed a bug where exiting from underpass into alt-mid would trigger the wrong soundscape
– Removed some minor props in A site where a planted bomb could be hidden
– Made movement on yellow chair in Library smoother
– Removed one-way wallbang through door in mid, near underpass entrance
– Fixed being able to drop weapons/C4 into rooms outside of play area
– Improved player collision on arches inside hallway leading to balcony at bombsite A
– Moved bench in mid slightly
– Fixed items falling through bottom of fountain
– Fixed some radar naming bugs
– Updated radar with stairs and balcony in top of mid/alt mid.
– Fixed various clip/player collision issues around the map
– Fixed various minor graphical bugs around the map

– Fixed bug introduced in rc1 where quickly uncrouching and recrouching in odd positions could cause players to get stuck in the terrain.