Release Notes for 8/21/2017

– Happy Birthday CS:GO! Activated Party Mode.

– Turned on asynchronous audio mixing on for all users by default. This one-time change forces snd_mix_async to 1 and sets snd_mixahead to 0.025 which are the new default values. These changes eliminate some audio skips and makes audio play at a lower latency.

[ MISC ]
– Fixed an issue that caused buy menu to show incorrect price of molotovs/incendiary grenades after switching teams.
– Fixed an issue that caused the convars mp_ct_default_grenades and mp_t_default_grenades not to function properly. (Thanks Fasguy!)
– Fixed an issue that caused the final weapon in demolition mode to be unavailable to CTs.
– Fixed an issue that caused the killcount HUD to disappear when using knives.
– Fixed Community Message button function when viewing CS:GO Profile.
– Fixed taser and knife icons overlapping.