Release Notes for 4/22/2019

[ MISC ]
– Enabled D3D9EX mode by default.
— If you encounter graphics problems with this feature, please send an email to with the subject “D3D9EX”
— Customers who experience problems can also disable it with -disable_d3d9ex command line option.
– Fixed a bug with flashbangs that were infinitely purchasable in Competitive Matchmaking – now all grenade types have buy limits matching their carry limits, and grenades carried over from the previous round count towards the buy limit.
– Fixed a bug where name of invited friend was not showing in party chat when they join.
– Fixed a bug when all items but the currently equipped item were removed from shuffle.
– Fixed several shuffle bugs related to weapons sharing a loadout slot.
– Fixed a bug that sometimes showed default knife in spectator UI.
– Localization fixes for Turkish language.