Have you ever carelessly shot a hostage? Put a few slugs in a blind-folded guy at the end of a round? Maybe popped a few chickens in Italy? You are going to regret it!



Just in case you missed this video being posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts – MystStranger44 shows us some Chicken Overkill in CS:GO’s version of Italy. Obviously the number of chickens in a normal game is quite a few less.

Meet The Pros

Patrik “cArn” Sättermon plays for fnatic.

cArn has been the captain of team fnatic during some of their biggest years. He has just recently announced his retirement stating that this year’s IEM will be his last. He will continue to be a part of fnatic and CS in some role that will be announced in the future. We hope so, he is valuable asset to the CS community.

Meet The Pros

Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund and Robert ‘RobbaN’ Dahlström both play for Sk Gaming.

GeT_RiGhT originally made a name for himself as part of the record breaking 2009 fnatic team. RobbaN is team captain for SK and how big is SK Gaming? Here they are featured in a Toshiba Laptop ad.

The Evolution of Inferno

Charles Onyett from IGN breakdowns the Evolution of Inferno. If you’re fancy and prefer reading over watching, you can read the article over here as well as check out their other CS features.