Release Notes for 2/25/20

[ UI ]
– Added a game setting to control buy menu starting mouse position.
– Added a game setting to allow ignoring number keys in buy menu.
– Fixed a regression with Mac-10 model preview in buy menu.
– Optimized amount of models loaded for agent scenes in UI.

– Paradrop crates now have a chance to contain a giant money bonus instead of a rifle.
– Enabled visual item pick up effect for some non-weapon items.

– Users can now report players from their own recently played matches provided the demo is viewed from the Watch Tab.
– Matchmaking has been adjusted to increase the weight of Trust Factor. Users with High Trust who experience cheating in their matches going forward should report those experiences to with the subject “Cheating in High Trust Matches.” Please include a link to your steam community profile, approximate time of your match and which game mode you were playing.
– Overwatch users should experience significantly fewer obvious spinbot cases.

[ MISC ]
– Adjusted texture UV layout for Desert Eagle world model to fix appearance in buy menu and in the world.
– Speculative fix for an extreme backlog of panorama events on certain CPU configurations (e.g. Intel 7740x).

Patch Notes for 2/24/2020

– Introducing patches – new customization items which can be applied to any agents you own. Once applied, patches can be removed but not recovered.
– Added support for shuffling equipped agents in their loadout slots.

[ UI ]
– Added equipped agent to buy menu.
– Moved display of item purchasability to the buy wheel.
– Bringing up the buy menu will now center the mouse pointer to the middle of the buy wheel.
– Added localization support for position of the currency symbol for in-game prices.
– Added support for editing and previewing crosshair in the game options.
– Added support for sharing and importing crosshair sharing codes.

[ MAPS ]
– Breach:
— Fixed a bomb stuck spot in mid
— Fixed long A Wingman clip not working
— Added additional clipping to mid staircase
— Minor visual fixes
— Prevented guns from clipping through the door near A site window.
— Clipped the sign on A-long, preventing players (and the bomb) from reaching the top of it.
— Improved clipping in several areas.

– Studio:
– Improved clipping and geometry around A site.
– Removed upper window unplayable area above B site.
– Fixed players not taking damage from bomb detonation.
– Improved clipping across the map.
– Fixed bomb-stuck spots.
– Fixed an issue with players boosting out of the map.
– Improved visuals of CT / T Streets
– Added bomb target decals to each site.

[ MISC ]
– AWP crouching movement acceleration is now constant and will not spike after firing a shot.
– Increased competitive max fps limit to 400 to support higher refresh rate monitors.
– Fixed a transform matrix bug when navblocker was instanced via rotated point templates.
– Fixed an underwater rendering crash on OSX.

Release Notes for 2/11/2020

– Players who receive significantly more communication abuse reports than others will receive a warning. If they continue to receive significantly more reports they will be muted by default. Other players can unmute them through the scoreboard as usual.
– Muting a player will now also hide their name and avatar.
– Reporting a player for abusive communications will now automatically mute them.

[ MISC ]
– Ballistic Shield will now block all melee attacks (knife, axe, fists, etc.)
– Texture and normal updates to the MAC-10 | Classic Crate to match new MAC-10 UV from Kai123

Release Notes for 2/3/2020

[ MISC ]
– Improved bot decision trees including support for Ballistic Shield.
– Game language can now be controlled in the game properties Language tab.
– Added support for Greek, Español-Latinoamérica, and Vietnamese languages.
– Fixed vote UI to display uppercase map names.
– Fixed several unlocalized UI strings.

[ MAPS ]
– Jungle
— Reworked radio tower (only two first floors are accesable now)
— Added some new buildings near “beta”, “APC”, “radio tower”, “Charlie”
— Improved clipping across the map
— more covers props have been added in some places, to make map less open
— Added more loot crates
— Updated map overview
— Fixed many community bug reports
— Reduced grass size
— reduced fog density
— Changed lighting in some areas

Release Notes for 1/29/2020

[ MAPS ]
– Cache:
— Various visibility improvements
— Optimizations
— Various minor bug fixes
— Updated radar

– Studio:
— Fixed players not taking damage from bomb detonation
— Clipping improvements
— Improved visuals of CT / T streets
— Various minor bug fixes

– Train:
— Opened up skybox over building separating Ivy/A site
— Various visibility improvements
— Various minor bug fixes

– Dust2:
— Opened up skybox from B halls towards site

– Mirage:
— Added AWP wallbang spot from palace to scaffolding close corner, A site
— Added bench in mid allowing jump up to window boost spot/peek towards cat
— Widened T entrance to mid
— Lowered trim around B site balcony
— Blocked a jump-peek from middle of B site towards cat

[ MISC ]
– Increased the size of HLTV broadcast server info message, controlled by a new setting “tv_broadcast_server_info_message_size_kb”.
– Added a setting spec_xray_dropped_defusers to show xray outlines on dropped defuse kits.
– Added a setting spec_xray_dropped_unoccluded to always xray dropped C4 and defuse kits.
– Game state integration now allows to control precision of reported floating point values using an additional configuration section:

“precision_time” “1”
“precision_position” “2”
“precision_vector” “2”