Release Notes for 5/13/2022

– Added support for “-nojoy” command line parameter to fully suppress Steam Input performance overhead.

Release Notes for 5/12/2022

– Updated Team Spirit sticker and logo to more closely match their workshop submission.
– Adjusted the ‘Glitter’ sticker effect to appear more sparkly in the player’s viewmodel.

Release Notes for 5/3/2022

– The “Antwerp 2022 Viewer Pass” and the “Antwerp 2022 Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens” are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the players, teams, and organizations taking part in the PGL Antwerp 2022 CS:GO Major Championship.
– With a Viewer Pass, you’ll get:
— An upgradable Antwerp 2022 Event Coin.
— Access to the Antwerp Pick’Em Challenge.
— Unlimited team graffiti for the duration of the event.
— team flair.
— Access to Antwerp 2022 Souvenir Packages.
– Team stickers and Player Autograph stickers are available for purchase.

– Fixed reduced buyzone in T spawn

– Geyser at Construction now pushes the player upwards with less force
– Fixed bug with crates and geysers giving the player insanely high velocity (sorry lacyyy and mantra)
– Fixed finishing warmup inside the elevator stopping the player from jumping
– Fixed a plethora of minor bugs (thanks Joaokaka1998)

Release Notes for 4/25/2022

-Miscellaneous improvements to better support Steam Input (Glyph Fixes).
-Buy Menu can be more easily navigated with Controller. Uses a two-stage radial system. Initial deflection selects category. Sweeping motion selects item in category. Deadzone to exit category. Release the Buy Menu button to buy hovered item, or Right Trigger to buy without leaving the menu. Left trigger to donate. LB for Rebuy, RB for Autobuy.*
-Mouse movement will not turn glyph mode back to PC/Mouse mode.
-Fixed Radio Radial: Mouse Wheel no longer triggers in-game binds (i.e. no more switching weapon when trying to switch comms page).

*Please re-apply default SteamInput bindings via the configurator to get this functionality.


– Remade all climbing wall models for graphical and performance improvements (Thanks Andi!)
– Added ropes near climbing walls
– Lowered extinguishers and railings in the blue section stairs
– Various minor details added
– Clipping improvements
– Added Nut
– Added barrels to disrupt existing data
– Added grenade clips on restaurant ceiling to avoid weird grenades
– Adjusted spawns slightly
– Removed screwdriver that could be mistaken for a dropped weapon in the drop room
– Added vphysics clip on the main hall floor to prevent it from swallowing guns (Sorry TrilluXe!)
– Fixed lighting on the lobby pillar
– Fixed broken deathmatch spawn
– Fixed floating objects (Thanks Joaokaka1998!)
– Fixed some spelling errors

– Added new artwork to side alley.
– Fixed incorrect roof material.
– Moved crates clipping through each other. (Thanks KILLER)
– Fixed pixel walk. (Thanks Mischief)
– Various clipping improvements.

– Improved clipping on car near Tunnel, fixed curbs near Diner and added grenade clips on the fence behind Diner (Thanks Maxim)
– Fixed spots where molotovs could damage players through walls (Thanks yeetadogXD)
– Fixed bomb stuck spots, floating props and some props fading too soon (Thanks Joaokaka1998)
– Minor visual changes around the map
– Added inconspicuous detail

-Fixed a regression in Village that could be used to get out of bounds
-Greatly reduced the amount of small displacements across the map to further increase game stability
-Changed windows in Fort
-Fixed a spot near the river where you could previously get stuck in

Release Notes for 3/28/2022


– Removed old clips on stairs at Rock Pool B
– Replaced stairs at Rock Pool B with new metal stairs
– Fixed loads of minor bugs (thanks Joaokaka1998)
– Geyser west of ruins now pushes the player upwards with less force
– Added more spawn drops around Lighthouse area
– The extraction fans on Apartments can now be stood on
– Fixed visual bug in tunnels below Hospital
– Fixed non solid door at Hospital

-Added new map location names (Barn, Broken Bridge, Castle, Chapel, Farm, Field, Fort, Mill, Ruins, Sewers, Temple, Villa, Vineyard, Winery)
-Added collision to balconies in Fort
-Adjusted stair clipping
-Added drone clips around Docks
-Fixed stuck spots
-Fixed miscellaneous bugs
-Special thanks to nx, fearless, iNilo, lacyyy, Sandwich, Joaokaka1998 and Diddle