Release Notes for 12/9/2019

[ MISC ]
– It started snowing and the winter season fun begins which includes snowballs, festive chickens, and freeze frame holiday borders.
– Added 2020 Service Medal to be awarded for outstanding service and achievement starting from January 1, 2020 GMT.
– Adjusted weights on several end of match accolades.
– Removed a sound debug command.

[ MAPS ]
– Updated nav mesh for Office to prevent bots sometimes getting stuck.
– Updated Jungle.

Release Notes for 12/6/2019

[ UI ]

– Added support for client-side drawing on the Map Overview screen.
– Added client notification screen at game start displaying the most recent CS:GO blog post.
– Adjusted the scoreboard headers for better alignment and readability.
– Added support for localizing 1st, 2nd, 3rd labels on the end of match screen.
– Added nofastforward flag to playdemo command, must be used right before anonsuspect to prevent fast forwarding through low interest part of the replay.
– Added support for cl_voice_filter to specify a comma delimited list of whitelisted SteamIDs for demo voice playback, e.g. ‘steamids:765123,765456,7651244’

Release Notes for 12/4/2019


– Official game servers will now intelligently deduce a mission that player can be making progress on. Player’s active operation mission card will always have high priority, but mission cards from other weeks will also be considered and can be offered when active mission card doesn’t feature a suitable mission.
– End of match screen will now always display equipped Agent rather than most recent model used as player or bot.
– Improved strategy execution logic stability for bots in Guardian missions.

Release Notes for 11/26/2019


Improved the process of depositing multiple items into a Storage Unit and retrieving multiple items.


As a cross-promotion with 343 Industries added a Halo Sticker Capsule purchasable in-game.

Owners of The Master Chief Collection on Steam, after they accrue sufficient playtime in the game, will also receive The Master Chief Collection Music Kit.


Improved in-game performance by suspending several UI videos while in-game.

[ MAPS ]

– Visibility and readability improvements.
– Clipping fixes.

– Added radar callouts.
– Increased bomb explosion radius from 500 to 600.
– Reduced size of site B (Removed back stairs and adjusted site to new size).
– Adjusted cover on A and B site.
– Adjusted playable positions on Middle.
– Improved clipping across the map to provide smoother gameplay.
– Fixed community reported bomb stuck spots.
– Removed some props to improve visuals and gameplay on A / B Entrances.
– Increased lighting on Back of A.
– Added paint to back of A site boost to provide clearer visuals.

Release Notes for 11/22/2019


Introducing Storage Units which allow users to store up to 1,000 items which would otherwise exceed inventory limit.

For more details see the in-game items help article.

[ MAPS ]


Improved visibility from patio towards pit boost spot.

Added fill lights in A site balcony hallway.

Fixed a DM spawn in apartments that caused players to get stuck.


Boosted ambient light on grate outside Monster, B site. (@SRK_xt)

Removed graffiti from left side of CT side, B site.

Boosted light in bank, A site.

Changed background texture in bank, A site.


Brightened up corner by far vent in A site.

[ UI ]

Added a new setting to enable triple-monitor UI mode.

Added a countdown till week 2 Operation missions become available.

End of match scoreboard toggle button is now the same button binding that enables mouse in the scoreboard. (default: Mouse2)

[ MISC ]

Fixed ’rounds won with no purchases’ accolade appearing in Flying Scoutsman.

Fixed skin tone on one of the Elite Crew agents.

Fixed a regression in Weapons Course.

Fixed a re-zoom regression with sniper rifles. (@land1ncs)

Updated radar for Vertigo.