Map Data

CS:GO Map Data

As we continue to develop Cobblestone and Overpass, we can use round outcome data to help drive design decisions. How do these new maps compare to other official maps?

To answer that question, let’s look at data from the top four skill groups in competitive matchmaking over the period from 12/20/2013 to 1/20/2014.


A good place to start is with overall round outcomes. Here are the win percentages for T’s (orange) and CT’s (blue).

For a full dataset with other skill groups and rounds, click here.

As far as overall round outcomes are concerned, Cobblestone is most comparable to Nuke, while Overpass is similar to Dust2.


Let’s dig deeper! How did the T’s and CT’s get their wins?

For each map, we’ve separated rounds based on whether a bomb was planted, and categorized rounds based on how exactly they ended (e.g., target bombed or bomb defused).

For a full dataset with other skill groups and rounds, click here.

Again, we see similarities between Nuke and Cobblestone – players tend to plant the bomb about as often. However, this graph shows clear differences between Dust2 and Overpass: in Overpass, the bomb is planted far more frequently, but is defused much more often.

As we continue to adjust Cobblestone and Overpass, we’ll be using round outcome data to measure the impact of those changes. We’ll be sharing more data soon, so let us know what you think!