Nearby Lobby FAQ

Nearby Lobby FAQ

What is a Nearby Lobby?

A Nearby Lobby is a ‘Play With Friends’ lobby that can be joined by players who are near your location.

To join a Nearby Lobby, select the Public Lobbies tab in the Main Menu and join any of the lobbies that are listed by clicking the ‘+’ icon. After you have joined a Nearby Lobby, you can also invite your friends to join your lobby.

How do I create a Nearby Lobby?

To create a Nearby Lobby, click ‘Play’ and select ‘Play With Friends’ – your lobby will be listed as a Nearby Lobby by default. If you have changed your default lobby settings, change your lobby permissions setting to ‘Friends and Nearby Can Join.’

Are Nearby Lobbies limited to a particular game setting?

No. The lobby leader can set the Nearby Lobby to the game mode and map group of their choice.

Can I remove someone from my lobby?

Yes. You can kick a player from your lobby by clicking their avatar and selecting ‘Kick Player.’

Can I prevent nearby players from joining my lobby?

Yes. To prevent nearby players from joining your lobby, click ‘Change Permissions’ and select either ‘Friends Can Join’ or ‘Friends Need Invites.’ You can set these to be your default lobby settings in the Game Settings menu.

Why don’t I see any Nearby Lobbies?

If there aren’t any players near you hosting a lobby, then you may not find any Nearby Lobbies to join. You can try again later, or create a lobby for nearby players to join.