Расчищаем паутину

Сегодня подходит к концу операция «Расколотая сеть». Благодарим всех участников: за время операции вы смогли выполнить более 136 миллионов миссий!

Но сегодняшнее обновление не только завершает операцию, но и привносит кое-что новенькое.

Новые карты

Сегодня мы вводим две новые карты от сообщества в официальный подбор игр для «Схватки» и обычного режима. Добро пожаловать на Anubis и Chlorine, финалистов конкурса 2019 года от Mapcore по построению карт в экзотических декорациях.

Коллекция «Призма 2»

Сегодня мы также представляем коллекцию «Призма 2»! Она слегка ориентирована на стилистику аниме/манги и объединяет в себе 17 раскрасок от сообщества. Открывая новые кейсы, вы можете получить один из ножей коллекции «Горизонт» с раскраской из хромированного кейса.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx launches March 23rd, and we’re celebrating the release in CS:GO! Half-Life themed Stickers, Collectible Pins, and Patches are now available for purchase in-game.

Valve Index

If you purchased Valve Index hardware prior to Alyx’s release, you’ll receive a Genuine version of the Alyx Pin from the new collection, as well as an exclusive Half-Life: Alyx Music Kit!

Grand Finale

We’re in the final weeks of Operation Shattered Web, and players have until March 30th to play missions, earn progress, and redeem Operation rewards.

Today the final mission card goes live which means we’ll start issuing Diamond Operation Coins to users who have completed 100 missions. This week’s card, «Time To Take Out The Trash», includes a second co-op Strike mission tasking players with finding and eliminating Franz Kriegeld. Don’t let him escape!

From Russia With Love

Week 14 missions are ready to play! Grab an AK and queue for Cache and Train in Casual, Competitive, Wingman, and Guardian game modes.

Squelching the Noise

We take feedback about communication abuse seriously, and in the past we’ve shipped settings that let customers control their exposure to other players’ avatars, names, and voice/text chat. (You can find these in Settings->Game->Communication and on the scoreboard). The settings are useful, but they have the downside of squelching communication indiscriminately.

So we’ve been working on a new system that will work more precisely. When the new system is fully deployed, players will receive a warning if they receive significantly more abuse reports than other players.

If they ignore that feedback and continue to receive abuse reports, they’ll receive a penalty: they will be muted by all other players by default. This ‘default mute’ state will remain until the player earns enough XP to remove the penalty, but other players can choose to manually unmute the user (as they would any other muted player).

Because the new system is driven by reports, it lets players establish their own standards for communication and ensure that their fellow players receive anonymous feedback when they’re out of line.

We’ve already started tracking players’ reports with the new system, and you can help us by getting into the habit of reporting abusive players for ‘Abusive Communications or Profile’ when you come across them. Note that reports are weighted higher for players that play more and/or report less frequently, so accounts that generate no XP and/or spam reports will have little to no impact.

As always, you can send feedback and/or concerns to CSGOTeamFeedback@valvesoftware.com