Release Notes for 6/12/2018

— Reduced base damage of the CZ75a from 33 to 31 (a single shot is no longer lethal against a helmeted opponent).
— Increased reserve ammo for the M4A1-S from 40 to 60, to provide some additional utility without impacting brief engagements.
— Reduced price of the MP7 from $1700 to $1500.

— Game servers will no longer print their public IP address in response to «status» command from clients.
— Unsealed graffiti items can now be deleted.
— Fixed a bug where looping sounds playing from dormant entities could play briefly before switching off.

— Removed skybox limitations
— Updated some landmark art
— Lowered skillceiling to get into apartments from T spawn
— Banked corner in hallway leading to A site scaffolding
— Removed ladder near entrance to apartments from T spawn, replaced with boxes
— Removed broken corner near van in bombsite B
— Improved visibility from T side of mid towards A connector (removed dark background door inside connector)
— Improved visibility from CT stairs towards T ramp in bombsite A (removed dark background door inside ramp)
— Disabled bullet collision on vertical fence columns in mid
— Removed wooden pillars at bottom of mid
— Fixed some player collision bugs

— Redesigned T approach to B site through alley, with split entrances
— Improved visibility of players against the scaffolding near A
— Removed ability to stand on top of doorframe at CT stairs to B
— Other minor bug fixes and improvements