Release Notes for 7/24/2018

— Added support for lobby voice chat in Panorama UI using the same push-to-talk key as in-game.
— Added a confirmation screen for accounts using Perfect World account balance during checkout.
— Spectator scoreboard element now respects vertical safezone HUD scale for TV broadcasts.
— Improved layout of death notices for players with really long profile names.
— Improved layout of buy menu for Asian languages.
— Fixed replays not having player indicator and damage dealt information.
— Improved crosshair style 1 to make it as close as possible to the old one.
— Fixed crosshair target IDs showing up during replays.
— Changed the speaking icon in the mini-scoreboard to animate left to right.
— Fixed a rare issue with new lines being incorrect in game chat history.
— Fixed rescue kit description in hostage modes.
— Fixed a bug in glove loadout materials.
— Multiple stability improvements.
— Fixed a bug where UI based HRTF was transmitting behind the listener instead of in front.
— Removed unwanted sounds from playing during case reveals.
— Better volume scaling of music sliders.
— Added audio device options to audio settings.
— Fixed a bug where purchasing multiple case keys played many purchase sounds simultaneously.
— Added sounds for item drops at end of match.