Release Notes for 10/23/2018

— In Casual, Demolition, and Flying Scoutsman game modes, players now haunt the world as ghosts when they die until the end of the round. Spoooooky!
— Ghosts can:
— Only be seen by other ghosts and observers.
— Apply Graffiti in the world.
— Affect interact-able props (soccer balls, glass, potted plants, etc).
— Turn chickens into zombie chickens.
— Possess Bots by using them.
— Two pumpkin soccer balls now spawn in a random places on the map during Halloween.
— Improved chickens ability to avoid walking straight into walls.
— Chickens now spawn in all non-competitive matches during Halloween.
— Chickens have gotten into the spooky Halloween spirit.
— Who put all this candy corn in my gun?!

— Fixed out of map exploit
— Fixed several stuck spots
— Fixed several incorrect collisions
— Updated radar to new style

— Minor optimizations
— Minor readability improvements
— Fixed several deathmatch spawns
— Fixed clipping texture playing wrong sound at A Pit
— T-Water no longer kills players
— Updated radar overview

Halloween is here, so why not try out some super scary layout changes?
— Removed connector between Long A and Underpass
— Blocked long view angle from Long A CT side towards courtyard
— Decreased height of doors in Underpass
— Added window in Underpass
— Removed slanted door leading into Underpass
— Removed a large section of old Bombsite A courtyard
— Moved up Bombsite A zone towards ramp
— Removed access to most of T spawn area
— Moved up T spawn positions
— Added climbable props in dropdown
— Added cover in corridor leading to Bombsite B platform
— Added spooky Halloween theme

— Added fallback image for unknown workshop maps.
— Fixed a case of incorrect player alive record keeping.
— Fixed regression in map vote random shuffle.
— Fixed voting tab not having initial focus.
— Fixed issue with early votes being ignored in some cases.
— Fixed case where end of match would flicker on future consecutive matches.
— Fixed mouse cursor appearing immediately on end of match.
— Fix for a case of bad perf with high maxrounds.

— Timeouts are now saved and restored in round backups.