Release Notes for 8/8/2019

— Fixed a bug where picking up weapons would sometimes fail when they were occluded by other weapons or grenades.
— Reduced friendly fire damage from Zeus-x27 in Danger Zone matches.
— fov_cs_debug will now respect floating point values.

— Updated Seaside and Breach with the latest versions from CS:GO Steam Workshop.

— Improved clipping
— Fixed hole in bushes at mid
— Removed window on top of ladder
— Removed a bunch of pixelwalks

— Re-added trigger_bomb_reset to water zone
— Fixed boost spots in T-spawn and outside B Deck.
— Fixed some pixel spots on T-Side Bridge and behind Bombsite A.
— Blocked various boost exploits.
— Blocked various bomb stuck locations.
— Fixed buggy door graphics.
— Fixed misc graphical issues.