Release Notes for 2/17/2022

Note to controller users: Please be sure to re-apply default settings from the Controller Configuration menu in the Steam Overlay.
— Various default binding changes for controllers only. Quick Buy radial menus are triggered with the D-Pad and Bumper Buttons while the BuyZoneLayer is active.
— Simplified set of Radial Action Override Layers. By default, the right stick is used to control the radial. If XYAB are bound to a radial button, the left stick is used instead.
— Fixes for DeathMatch BuyZoneLayer.
— Console/Quick Buy Radial menus match the same layout of the conventional Buy menu.
— Danger Zone Controller Support: Fixed Spawn Menu Controls. Fixed Drone strafing.
— Known issue: Button binds in Action Override Layers are not displayed in in-line glyphs.

[ UI ]
Note to «radial_quickinventory.txt» users: you can set «cl_quickinventory_filename» to point to a different file name in the same directory.
— radial_quickinventory.txt: added «ROTATION_OFFSET» field, which will rotate the entire radial by the given number of degrees.
— Quick Inventory and Quick Grenade Radial: Fix for missing items (Bump Mines, Shields, etc.) not displaying.
— Various Inline Button Glyph fixes (ongoing).

[ MISC ]
— Added server convar sv_max_allowed_developer that determines highest developer value for attached clients
— getpos and getpos_exact are now cheat protected