Release Notes for 1/20/2022

– Introducing the Dreams & Nightmares Case featuring the winning 17 community-designed weapon finishes.

[ MISC ]
– Updated colors of Operation Riptide Diamond Coin model.

[ MAPS ]
Insertion 2
– Replaced weird tree boost spot next to orange building(next to dentist) with an easier more exposed boost.
– Moved spawnpoints at House around a bit and turned off collision on the mailboxes there, to prevent team spawn blocking.
– Cleaned up mid a bit by removing a fence and a blue barrel.
– Blocked off a sightline from on top of the meat/egg shelf into backroom toilet in Market.
– Tweaked size of trigger for the train station automated door so its possible to go sneak past it through the glass windows.
– Fixed so the auto shotgun can break the cubicles in office.
– Minor graphical issues fixed.