Uppdateringsanteckningar 2021-08-12

Lade till musikpaketlådan Tactician, tillgänglig både i vanlig variant och StatTrak™, innehållande 6 nya musikpaket:
– Austin Wintory, Mocha Petal
– Chipzel, ~Yellow Magic~
– Freaky DNA, Vici
– Jesse Harlin, Astro Bellum
– Laura Shigihara: Work Hard, Play Hard
– Sarah Schachner, KOLIBRI

– Lade till information om det är bombplats A eller B i spelevent som genereras när en spelare börjar att placera ut bomben och avslutar utplaceringen av bomben.

Release Notes for 7/27/2021

– Calavera
— Added more contrast to the door texture to make it stand out more (thanks TheWarOwl and Quoting)
— Moved ladder at T-stairs slightly to make going up more smooth
— Various fixes to pixel gaps and clipping that no one will even notice or care about

– Stability improvements.

Release Notes for 7/21/2021

[Dreams & Nightmares]
– Added a checkbox for workshop submissions to be entered into the Dreams & Nightmares Contest.

– Players that receive unusually high amounts of griefing reports will get a warning, followed by escalating competitive cooldowns.

– Pitstop
— Patched hole in clipping on upper balcony.
— Improved skybox and fog.
— Fixed broken collision model on bombsite tent.
— Removed pixel walk on outside box.
— Added dev texture.

– Mocha
— Several windows opened in B site to allow for grenade throws.
— Wall from CT spawn into Middle raised to remove a boost.
— Added a trash bin in front of T spawn to self jump up.
— Foliage platform above the A site plant zone is no longer clipped.
— Truck near B site is no longer clipped.
— Geometry adjusted to fix an angle from T side into CT side of Middle.
— Minor clipping and optimization improvements.
— Fixed multiple bomb stuck spots.

Release Notes for 7/6/2021

– Premier matchmaking can now be selected together with other competitive maps.
– Added competitive matchmaking presets and ability to save/load favorite map selections.
– Added a link to CS:GO Fair Play Guidelines when playing on official game servers.

[ MISC ]
– Bullet penetration check will ignore the firing player model entirely.
– Fixed bot difficulty selector to correctly apply for offline with bots War Games matches.
– Stability improvements.

Release Notes for 6/8/2021

– Fixed live match links in the event panel.

[ SDK ]
– Updated AI Behavior Trees
— Added new ”action_secondary_attack” node.
— Added new ”action_reload” and ”condition_is_reloading” nodes.
— Ammo counts for all weapons are available on the Blackboard via ”AmmoCount/weapon_name” key, with ”AmmoCount/current” holding the ammo count for the currently equipped weapon. These can be read using nodes such as ”condition_is_less”, ”condition_is_equal”, etc.

– Map-wide graphical update with new textures and models.
– Improved optimization.
– Removed cubby under drop-down.
– Lighting and clipping adjustments.