CSGO Regional Major Rankings for 2022-23

2022/23 CS:GO Regional Major Rankings

To ensure that Majors feature the top teams in the world, we require that prospective Legends, Challengers, and Contenders maintain top form.

All teams participating in the 2022 and 2023 Majors will earn their invites through regional rankings, which will be updated based on their performance in the previous Major and a Regional Major Ranking tournament.

Teams competing in an RMR event will receive Major Ranking points based on their placement. The 2022/23 RMR competitions in all regions will have the following point distribution:

2021 Event Point Distribution
Place Prior Major RMR
1 1600 3200
2 1500 3000
3 1350 2800
4 1350 2600
5 1050 2400
6 1050 2200
7 1050 2000
8 1050 1800
9 450 1600
10 450 1400
11 450 1200
12 450 1000
13 450 800
14 450 600
15 450 400
16 450 200

Major Invitations

24 teams will be invited to the Major from six different regions based on their Regional Major Ranking.

In total, there are 8 Legend, 8 Challenger, and 8 Contender invitations available.

Each region will be allocated invites to the next Major based on that region’s performance in the preceding Major.


Q. What determines what region a team competes in? [UPDATED]

A. A team’s region is determined by the citizenship of the majority of its players. In case of a tie, the team chooses between the two.

Q. Can a team change their roster before the event?

A. When submitting a roster for an RMR event or Major, teams can change up to two members of their prior roster at a cost of 20% of the team’s points, per player. Replacing three or more players between events will result in a points reset.

E.g., if a team registers for the RMR event with 3/5 of their Major roster, their RMR points will be reduced by 40%.

Q. Does a team lose points if they make a roster change between events, but end up submitting the same roster as before?

A. No. Teams only lose points if they submit a roster for an RMR event or Major that is different from the preceding RMR event or Major.

Q. Can a team change their roster during an event? [UPDATED]

A. Yes. Teams can register a reserve player for each event. Between matches, and subject to tournament rules, the team can sub the reserve player in at a cost of 20% penalty to points earned at the event, and can sub the reserve player out for the original player at no additional cost. This can be done once during the event.

E.g., a team that fields a reserve player will receive 80% of the points earned at the event. If the original player returns to the lineup during the event, they will incur no further penalty for that event.

Q. If a team changes their roster during an event, what is the roster that earns them points?

A. Substitutions during an event do not affect the roster.

E.g., a team that changed their roster during an event wants to make their substitute a permanent member of their roster. They would lose 20% of their earned points at the current event, and an additional 20% of their total points when they register for the next event with an updated roster.

Q. When does a team get invited to an RMR event or the Major?

A. After a team submits their roster, their points are evaluated. After all teams register, invitations are sent to the top teams by RMR.

Q. What happens if an invited team declines an invitation? [UPDATED]

A. If a team declines an invitation to an RMR event or the Major, the next-highest ranked team by RMR receives their invitation. If there are no additional teams available by RMR then the remaining slots will be determined by a last-chance qualifier.

Q. Who earns points at an RMR event?[UPDATED]

A. Only the top N teams will earn points, where N is the number of invitations available to a region, with a minimum of 4.

Q. How many points do teams earn if they tie for a position?

A. If teams tie for a position, they receive the average points available for those positions.

E.g., if the first RMR event does not tie-break 3rd and 4th places, both teams get 1350 RMR points.

Q. What happens if a team withdraws from an in-progress event? [NEW]

A. A team that withdraws from an in-progress event will be ignored for the purposes of determining RMR ranking for the event, i.e. the team will receive no RMR points and the rankings will be recalculated, if necessary.

Q. Who is allowed in the players’ rooms and on the game server during an online match?

A. Only the players are allowed in their competition area during an online match. Coaches, staff, and others should not be present, visible, or in communication with players from the start of a map until it is concluded.

Q. Who is allowed in the competition area during a LAN match?[NEW]

A. Only the players and their coach are allowed in the competition area during a LAN match. The coach may not be seen, felt, nor heard by the players in any manner outside of tactical time-out and half-time periods from the start of a map until it is concluded.