Arms Race+

Release notes for 3/29

• Added Arms Race maps – Shoots and Baggage
• Added Aztec to Classic maps

• Arsenal Arms Race game mode is a single extended round with instant respawn. All players start with the same weapon and get a new one each time they kill an enemy. The progression of unlocked weapons ends with the knife. The first player to get a kill with every weapon wins the match.

• Added ‘Find A Game’ to the Play options menu screen. Find A Game allows you to join an online game of a specific type. This update offers Arsenal Arms Race and Classic Competitive game modes. The map cycle groups include:
Classic Maps
Arms Race Maps

• Added new weapons:
Scar 20 – CT only auto-sniper.
G3SG1 – Terrorist only auto-sniper.
Zeus x27 – Casual Mode only weapon available to both teams.

• Adjustments have been made to increase the base accuracy of all weapons.

• Jump and land penalties have been decreased, and the rate of stamina gain has been increased.

• Bot difficulty has been tuned.

• HE grenade damage has been adjusted per pro feedback.

• Added two new player skins:
Phoenix Faction

• Death notice order reversed.
• Updated Italy mini map image.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug in the keyboard + mouse options screen where changes were resetting.
• Fixed the consecutive loss bonus persisting through halftime. Solves the problem of teams receiving extra cash early in the second round of the match.
• Fixed end match scoreboard saying it was a tie in Arsenal Mode.
• Fixed a bug where penetrating shots were doing full damage after the penetration.
• Fixed a bug where the desired distance required to defuse the bomb wasn’t being used.
• Fix for the HUD alert panel coming up incorrectly.
• Fixed for bots not being able to defuse bomb.
• Fix for bug in Demolition mode where players would start the first round of the second half stuck in level geometry.
• Fix for radio message font appearing quite large at higher resolutions.