The Cologne 2014 Pick’Em Challenge!

Ready to support your favorite teams in the ESL One Cologne 2014 CS:GO Championship? You can start today – ESL One Cologne 2014 Legends and Challengers sticker capsules are available for a limited time!

A portion of the proceeds from sticker capsule sales go to the teams, and the stickers also serve a dual purpose: they’re game pieces for the all-new Cologne 2014 Pick’Em Challenge.

In the pick’em challenge, your goal is to score as many points as possible by correctly picking winning teams throughout the ESL One Cologne 2014 CS:GO Championship.

You can compare your score to your friends on the Pick’Em Friends Leaderboard. Score enough points and you’ll win a Pick’Em Challenge Trophy that you can show off on your CS:GO avatar and Steam profile.

To make a pick at any stage of the tournament, all you need is an unused sticker for the team you choose (available in ESL One Cologne 2014 Sticker capsules or from the Steam Community Market). A single sticker is sufficient to pick that team multiple times throughout the event.

We’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the main event!