Release Notes for 9/30/2014

– Tec-9: Further improved accuracy and additionally reduced recoil.

–Fixed a bug where it was possible to defuse a bomb in A site from B balcony
–Added collision to top of pillars in Park
–Added a boiler to room next to A pit (now known as Boiler)

– Matchmaking sessions system has been significantly improved.
— Matchmaking backend load can now be amortized better across different game modes.
— Connectivity to game servers can be fully recovered after CS:GO backend updates.
— Games in progress remain joinable after game servers or some players lost and regained their connection to Steam servers.
— Searching for all official game modes will show the same user interface that displays the number of players searching.
— When a game update is released, clients who are searching for a match will be notified to update their client.
– Official competitive matches will abort if any player has abandoned prior to the end of warmup.

– Made it possible to connect to community servers
– Made it possible to download custom content from servers
– Fixed a variety of bugs when using non-English locales
– Added icon in the store page
– Improved client stability

– Fixed a bug causing a line in the shadows to follow the player around
– Improved client stability

– Fixed a case where the wrong Operation name was displayed.
– Improved client stability

– Reworked main menu item bar
— Now supports ability to offer individual items, including a set of new community stickers
— Added “Explore a Case” market link, which filters for the case and all contents
— Added a link that filters for keys.
— Added ability to preview community stickers that are offered