Release Notes for 1/13/2020

[ MISC ]
– Fixed Operation Shattered Web sometimes not appearing on main menu player profiles.
– Added an experimental search bar allowing users to find and purchase any specific coupon item in game.
– Guardian encouragement voice radio lines will no longer play when there are enemies still alive.
– Fixed a regression with Storage Units in Perfect World version of the game.
– Fixed a UI bug when activating some Bonus Rank XP items.

[ MAPS ]
– Studio has been updated with the latest changes from Steam Workshop:
— Middle has had a complete re-design.
— CT / T streets have been reduced in size.
— CT Spawn have been reduced in size.
— B Upper have been reduced in size.
— T Spawn alley has been removed.
— B connectors to middle have been updated.
— 3D Skybox has been updated.
— T spawn geometry has received minor update.
— B Site catwalk has been widened and updated for smoother gameplay when dropping into site.
— B site cover has been changed to give player better colour callouts.
— Updated soundscapes.
— Removed the ability to throw weapons into unintended areas / out of map.
— Fixed many community bug reports.
— Improved clipping across the map.

Release Notes for 1/6/2020

– Updated Balkan, FBI, and ST6 sleeve textures to closer match 3rd person model.

– Added a death notice icon for stomp damage.

– Fixed a rare server crash during Guardian wave restarts.
– Disabled holiday mode
– Fixed startmovie sound not being synchronized with the images.
– Added support for recording sound with surround sound devices, channels are recorded as mixed originally by the game.

Detalhes da atualização de 20/12/2019

– Adição de modelos de mangas para agentes na perspectiva em primeira pessoa.
– Agora, votações de equipe têm que ser concluídas primeiro para que novas votações de servidor possam ser iniciadas.
– Atualização dos arquivos binários de servidores dedicados do Steam para a versão mais recente.

– Jungle
–– Foram feitas várias otimizações.
–– Correções de vários erros na aparência.
–– Correção de erro para impedir que seja possível andar debaixo do terreno.

Detalhes da atualização de 16/12/2019

— “King, Scar”, de Scarlxrd, está disponível na trilha sonora do jogo.

— Atualização para o agente Companhia do 3º Comando usar as vozes dos GSG9.
— Atualização na imagem do agente Companhia do 3º Comando na página de recompensas da operação.

[ BOTS ]
— Adição de mais elementos de lógica de decisões de bots para as próximas missões e para o uso de modders da comunidade.

Release Notes for Friday the 13th, December 2019

– 3rd Commando Company, ‘Two Times’ McCoy, and Seal Team 6 Soldier have been updated to improve visibility. These previously mid-tone agents have been darkened, and contrast has been increased in their head and shoulders.

[ MISC ]
– Accolade weighting has been adjusted for non-Competitive modes.
– Added nametag preview on the model to match the rendering rules.
– Fixed items inside storage units sometimes showing up as unacknowledged.
– Fixed overview map from crashing when drawing too many line segments.

[ MAPS ]
– Overpass:
– Pruned some shrubbery.

– Mirage:
– Removed pixel-gaps on boxes in bombsite A.