Release Notes for 7/15/2016

[ Operation Wildfire ]
– Operation Wildfire has come to a close.
– The Operation Wildfire case is available for all players.

[ Misc ]
– Added ESL One Cologne 2016 tournament finalists and champions to the Major Trophy.

[ Sound ]
– Increased fidelity for Bizon, Mac10 and UMP45 weapons.
– Unique reload and draw sounds for Bizon, Mac10 and UMP45 weapons.
– New sound for C4 disarm start and disarm finish, more in line with C4 plant sounds.
– New sound for empty magazine impacting with ground.
– Lowered volume of low ammo sound and added unique sound.
– Lowered volume of smoke grenade tail.

[ Maps ]
– Cache
— Added graffiti to commemorate ESL One Cologne 2016.

[ Mac/Linux ]
– Fixed maps that use Squirrel scripting, including the Weapons Course map.
– Fixed a Linux memory leak.