Release Notes for 1/13/2020

[ MISC ]
— Fixed Operation Shattered Web sometimes not appearing on main menu player profiles.
— Added an experimental search bar allowing users to find and purchase any specific coupon item in game.
— Guardian encouragement voice radio lines will no longer play when there are enemies still alive.
— Fixed a regression with Storage Units in Perfect World version of the game.
— Fixed a UI bug when activating some Bonus Rank XP items.

[ MAPS ]
— Studio has been updated with the latest changes from Steam Workshop:
— Middle has had a complete re-design.
— CT / T streets have been reduced in size.
— CT Spawn have been reduced in size.
— B Upper have been reduced in size.
— T Spawn alley has been removed.
— B connectors to middle have been updated.
— 3D Skybox has been updated.
— T spawn geometry has received minor update.
— B Site catwalk has been widened and updated for smoother gameplay when dropping into site.
— B site cover has been changed to give player better colour callouts.
— Updated soundscapes.
— Removed the ability to throw weapons into unintended areas / out of map.
— Fixed many community bug reports.
— Improved clipping across the map.

Release Notes for 1/6/2020

— Updated Balkan, FBI, and ST6 sleeve textures to closer match 3rd person model.

— Added a death notice icon for stomp damage.

— Fixed a rare server crash during Guardian wave restarts.
— Disabled holiday mode
— Fixed startmovie sound not being synchronized with the images.
— Added support for recording sound with surround sound devices, channels are recorded as mixed originally by the game.

Release Notes for 12/20/2019

[ MISC ]
— Added new first-person sleeve models for agents.
— Team-only votes now need to be resolved before server-wide votes can be initiated.
— Updated Steam dedicated server binaries to the latest version.

[ MAPS ]
— Jungle
— Optimizations
— Fixed various minor visual bugs
— Fixed a bug where it was possible to go under terrain

Обновление от 16 декабря 2019

— В магазине доступен новый набор музыки: Scarlxrd — King, Scar.

— Озвучка агента «Третья рота коммандо» заменена на озвучку агентов GSG9.
— Обновлено изображение агента «Третья рота коммандо» на странице наград операции.

[ БОТЫ ]
— Добавлено несколько новых элементов для логики ботов. Они пригодятся как для последующих миссий, так и для создателей модов.

Release Notes for Friday the 13th, December 2019

— 3rd Commando Company, ‘Two Times’ McCoy, and Seal Team 6 Soldier have been updated to improve visibility. These previously mid-tone agents have been darkened, and contrast has been increased in their head and shoulders.

[ MISC ]
— Accolade weighting has been adjusted for non-Competitive modes.
— Added nametag preview on the model to match the rendering rules.
— Fixed items inside storage units sometimes showing up as unacknowledged.
— Fixed overview map from crashing when drawing too many line segments.

[ MAPS ]
— Overpass:
— Pruned some shrubbery.

— Mirage:
— Removed pixel-gaps on boxes in bombsite A.