Release Notes for 9/17/2020

— Fixed several exploits.
— Fixed a regression in suicide death notices.

Release Notes for 9/8/2020

— Moved the spawnpoints slightly apart from each other for better movement
— Fixed various bugs containing invisible prop faces, gun falling trough props, floating props, invisible brush faces, props z-fighting
— Added grenade clips to the trims on short A for smoothing bouncing
— Fixed some small nitpicking stuff on the radar

-Overhauled T to A site layout.
-Adjusted some prop fade distances for better performance
-Replaced church brick textures
-Improved visual fidelity of some models
-Replaced floor textures across the map
-Fixed numerous dark spots showing in place of foliage when using low shader settings
-Fixed various minor bugs

Обновление от 1 сентября 2020 года

— Файлы логики поведения ботов теперь можно загружать из созданных сообществом BSP-файлов
— Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой некоторые имена пользователей и не задавались на сервере (спасибо, EmptyMags!)
— Исправлены различные уязвимости (спасибо, calvin!)

Release Notes for 8/26/2020

— Fixed a rare case where coach camera could remain in free roaming mode.
— Fixed net_dumpeventstats command to be cheat-protected.

— Improved performance
— New radar
— Raised the bottom of the water for better readability of players behind boats
— Fixed invisible water splashes
— Ambience sounds is quieter
— To make mid more attractive and balanced we have added a new path from mid up to heaven
— Heaven has now some more space towards the new path for better angles
— Closed gaps in wood fence at A-long (T side)
— Closed a sightline from CT-spawn to A-long

-Improved performance in all areas of the map
-Tweaked and improved clipping
-Adjusted environment lighting to give a better visual contrast
-Removed foliage on A Site wall
-Added multiple bomb reset triggers around A Site, B Site and Dock
-Extended Dock and Moved T Spawn back slightly to give CTs more setup time
-Adjusted cover around the map
-Tweaked wall at A Site for cleaner angles and made it easier to jump onto
-Made wallbangs through the door on B Site do less damage
-Lowered part of the wall on A Site
-Modified rock formation at upper T to A into a brick wall to improve visibility and grenade potential
-Fixed various lighting and texturing issues

-Subtle visual enhancements
-Fixed door stuck bug
-Fixed molotov exploit at Dark Spot Mid
-Updated .nav mesh
-Restored functionality to soundscapes

Release Notes for 8/17/2020

— End of match scoreboard will now display which players were playing as a party when skill groups are revealed.
— Average wait times for finding matches on official game servers are now region-specific.
— Rcon connection from client will now get established asynchronously.
— Rcon address cannot be changed while connected to a dedicated server.
— Added a setting «rcon_connected_clients_allow» to disallow clients from connecting to other dedicated servers via rcon.
— Several stability improvements.