Release Notes for 12/7/2018

— Fixed graphics regression that caused smoke and molotov particle effects to appear fully transparent.
— Fixed client crash on startup on Intel GPUs.
— New users now default to Borderless Windowed mode.

— Fixed ‘self-boost’ movement regression.
— Fixed players not respawning on round restart if they were in the middle of jumping up onto a platform that would force them to duck.
— Fixed bullet penetration damage regression.
— Fixed molotov not detonating in mid air in non DZ modes.

— The winner of the match now watches their victory from the perspective of the runner up.
— In duo and trio matches teammates are now notified with an onscreen alert if one of them dies.
— Adjusted—and added volume slider for—winner music.
— Recent Teammates now shows teammates from Danger Zone matches.
— Players searching count now shows correct number of people searching for Danger Zone matches.