2020 EU RMR Standings

CS:GO 2020 RMR Results

The following are the organizations, points, and statuses of teams at the time that 2020 Fall Major invites would have been determined.

Status was pre-allocated to regions based on the number of previously successful teams playing in that region. For more details, see the CS:GO 2020 RMR rules page.


Organization Points Status
Vitality 5879 Legend
Heroic 4125 Legend
Ninjas in Pyjamas 4116 Legend
Astralis 4108 Challenger
BIG 3875 Challenger
Fnatic 3594 Challenger
G2 3461 Challenger
OG 3313 Challenger
GODSENT 3238 Challenger
FaZe 2861.2 Contender
North 2614 Contender


Organization Points Status
Spirit 5663 Legend
Natus Vincere 5561 Legend
Nemiga 5269 Challenger
Virtus.pro 5180 Contender
ESPADA 3834.5 Contender

North America

Organization Points Status
Evil Geniuses 5788 Legend
100 Thieves 5669 Legend
Furia 5375 Legend
Liquid 4795 Challenger
Gen.G 3475 Contender

South America

Organization Points Status
Boom 4100 Contender


Organization Points Status
Renegades 4100 Contender


Organization Points Status
TYLOO 5688 Contender